2022 Reading Challenges

I did a little better than usual in taking part in several 2021 Reading Challenges (well, I remembered “most” of the time to go log my reads but it wasn’t perfect – and I don’t care ‘cos “perfect” isn’t the reason I do these).  Now it’s time to look for the 2022 Reading Challenges offered and decide where (which blog) and how intensely I’m going to “go for it” in 2022.

I have my eye on a few new-to-me challenges and I’ll dive back into some favorites once again.  So far these are the Reading Challenges that caught my attention — for 2022 and this year I think I’m going to keep all but the Goodreads Reading Challenge here at Happily Ever After Romance… each of my blogs needs that Goodreads Reading Challenge since it’s one reader but 4 blogs! And I try to keep them separated, if I’m doing it right then no one really knows that I’m running all of them.  Oh, I don’t hide it, I simply don’t shout it from the rooftops either. 🙂

Of course, the first Reading Challenge of 2022 is the Goodreads Reading Challenge — I came within 6 books of my goal for 2021, so close, time to see if I can go over that goal for 2022!  That graphic/counter is over in the sidebar.


I’m definitely going back to the 2022 New Release Reading Challenge at (un)Conventional Bookworms – I went for the New Release Veteran last year at 61-100 books read… I was aiming for 100 to match the GoodReads Challenge but fell a bit short at 65 officially listed as read.  I’ll keep that same number for 2022 because I know it’s doable, and I just have to be better at linking the books read on a monthly schedule. (The reason I didn’t make that official 100 books read level is that I forgot to link an entire quarter — Yeah.  My bad.)

Once again, I’ll be listing the stories read that qualify as New Releases right here:

  1. Snowbound in His Billion-Dollar Bed by Kali Anthony √
  2. Their Unbreakable Bond by Deb Kastner √
  3.  Murder on Prescott Mountain by Lena Diaz √
  4.  The Five-Day Reunion by Mona Shroff √
  5. The Earl’s Inconvenient Houseguest by Virginia Heath √
  6. A Song of Secrets by Jayci Lee √
  7. One Night Consequence by Yvonne Lindsay √
  8. Reluctant Roommates by Tara Taylor Quinn √
  9. That Cowboy of Mine by Donna Grant √
  10. Undercover Couple by Barb Han √
  11. The Best Kept Secret by Tawna Fenske √
  12. Maybe We Won’t by Melissa Foster √
  13. Colton’s Pursuit of Justice by Marie Ferrarella √
  14. In Bloom by Fern Michaels, Carolyn Brown & Lori Foster √
  15. Secrets of a Bad Reputation by Joss Wood √
  16. Wrong Brother, Right Kiss by Joss Wood √
  17. A Soldier’s Dare by Jo McNally √




I know that I’m doing the 2022 Reading Challenge: Romance Books over at Never Enough Novels.  There are some fun monthly prompts and categories for each month that make it look like a fun challenge and it’s the first one so getting in on the beginning of something great is always attractive.  Be sure to visit the actual sign-up page for all the details on each month’s prompts, some might not be what you’re expecting! 🙂

This reading challenge is prompt-based so:

January – A Backlist Book From A Favorite Author

February – A Friends to Lovers Romance

March – A Romance with the Man On The Right

April – Your Least Favorite Trope

May – A Romance With Flowers On The Cover

June – A Romance Novel Turned Into A Movie

July – An Own Voices Contemporary Romance

August – A Contemporary Romance Novel

September – A Romance With A Number In The Title

October – A 2022 Romance New Release

November – A Romance Featuring Food

December – A Christmas/Holiday Romance Novel




2022 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge is perfect for this website because I have so many series that I started in 2020 or 2021 and I just need to get caught up.  Sometimes a Reading Challenge just fits, ya know? 🙂

I’ll make a choice and put the first series to finish up here before January 1, 2022.








2022 Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge looks doable at a minimum of 1 book per month from the TBR pile of doom… I “should” be able to do that, right?





Of course, COYER 2022  is on my list probably COYER Seasons, and some of COYER Community but definitely in my plans… and should be in yours, too!






One final Reading Challenge for 2022 — The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022.  The rules are quite simple but I’d still encourage you to make a trip to The Bookwyrm’s Hoard for all of the details so you get them right.  I think this is a challenge that I need because I do have plans to do some backlist reading of some authors, and one that I can also combine with other Reading Challenges as well.