2023 Reading Challenges

It’s that time of year once again — the time when I search the internet for Reading Challenges that look fun and fit my reading style.  And when I claim that “Of course, I will remember to keep track of each and every single book I’ve read to meet this challenge… not.”  I’ve yet to remember to do that, I feel the only way I’m going to remember is to treat each challenge like I do each post simply do them all at once like — my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, etc., and add in the challenge that particular books fit.  It’s the only way that I can think of to actually go and list the books read for each challenge… we shall see if I’m successful. (one of the best master lists of reading challenges can be found by clicking this link)

In any event, here are the 2023 Reading Challenges that appealed to me this time around.

2023 Goodreads Reading Challenge – this is a no-brainer as I always pick this one up! (but that link is usually the last one available) 🙂

Romanceopoly – a cute, board game like Challenge that sparked my interest.  You can check it out for yourself right here –> ROMANCEOPOLY

2023 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge – this one is always fun and, well, challenging at times. Check it out over here –> 2023 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

COYER 2023 – 10th Anniversary! – I always follow COYER, do I remember to link up – no – but it’s not about the prize it’s the fun of the challenge right here –> COYER 2023

Can You Read A Series In A Month? – another one that I always try, usually with an older series on my TBR but it’s still fun to do! The link is here –> Series In A Month

Cloak and Dagger 2023 Challenge – this one is new to me but I’m always reading romantic suspense so it seems a perfect fit. The link is over there –>Cloak & Dagger 2023

Finishing the Series 2023 Reading Challenge – again, one I try to take part in each year and have been somewhat successful at. The link is here –> Finishing The Series 2023

2023 Series Enders Reading Challenge – this is new to me this year, but it does appeal to finishing up those pesky final books in a series. The link is here –> 2023 Series Enders Reading Challenge

It is only December 26, 2022, as I’m making up this list so there might be other Reading Challenges that I’ll add over the coming weeks.  But these are the ones that draw me this time around.  Will I be the least bit successful?  Truthfully, who knows?!?  Yet, it’s fun to try.  Do you have your 2023 Reading Challenges mapped out yet? … better get started!