A Baby to Tame the Wolfe by Heidi Rice

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The contract: a convenient marriage
But pregnancy wasn’t in the fine print…

Billionaire Jack Wolfe is everything Katherine Medford loathes: ruthless, arrogant…yet so infuriatingly attractive she spends a scorching night with him. Nothing could be more surreal than hearing Jack’s convenient proposal after their out-of-this-world encounter…

A Medford heiress on his arm will give Jack an in with the business elite that his humble beginnings can’t provide. And he’ll ensure the benefits are mutual. But Jack was expecting Katie to say “I do” not “I’m pregnant…”

The July of 2022 novels from the Harlequin Presents line all follows a bit of a fairy tale retelling.  Although not directly related within a series, they all carry the same theme of a modern-day fairy tale connection.

Titles in the Passionately Ever After theme include —  1: A Baby to Tame the Wolfe by Heidi Rice —♥—  2: Stolen Nights with the King by Sharon Kendrick —♥—  3: The Kiss She Claimed from the Greek by Abby Green —♥—  4: A Scandal Made at Midnight by Kate Hewitt —♥—  5: Cinderella in the Billionaire’s Castle by Clare Connelly —♥—  6: The Princess He Must Marry by Jadesola James —♥—  7: Undone by Her Ultra-Rich Boss by Lucy King —♥—  8: Her Secret Royal Dilemma by Chantelle Shaw —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  A Baby to Tame the Wolfe
Series:  Passionately Ever After theme #1
Author:  Heidi Rice
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  June 28, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Presents
My Rating:  4.5 stars

A Baby to Tame the Wolfe is an emotionally intense story, although those emotions center more around revenge and defiance at the beginning of Katie and Jack’s romance.  Jack has set his sights on marrying a woman from the upper echelons of society, both as his own entry into that world and as a requirement of the take-over he’s staging for ownership of a business that is completely revenge-motivated.  His plan was in place as he was about to become engaged to Katie’s younger sister – but that fell apart when at her sister’s pleas Katie showed up at Jack’s apartment to give him the break-up “I can’t marry you” news.  Both were not exactly at their best or even level-headed at that moment but sparks definitely flew between them.

Jack’s plan might have misfired, but he’s set his eyes on Katie when he knows he has the power to grant her what she most desires, funding for her company… it doesn’t hurt that the fire between them hasn’t lost its bite.  He might have believed he had the upper hand, but Katie has news of her own that will set his world spinning.  The cover of A Baby to Tame the Wolfe tells you what Katie’s news was.

I was easily drawn into Jack and Katie’s world.  Both have major father issues, although as the winner of the nastiest father around award, well, Jack wins that one with not a single doubt.  I liked this couple, they have a lot of issues to go beyond before they can get to that happy ending.  There were many times I would have sat them both down for a stern conversation, but beneath the surface, behind the facade they both wore were two people who had been hurt, weren’t as trusting as they might have been, and in spite of the attraction and the falling in love will fight to the bitter end before letting each other see vulnerabilities that make them human and worthy of the love that is offered.

I enjoyed this story so much.  It was far from smooth sailing for this couple, they have a lot of baggage to unload before they’ll see the value of each other.  But when they do, the fight to keep the one they love is emotional, satisfying, and feels so real.  If you enjoy a romance where everything is not roses and Champagne but hard, deep emotions, a storyline that will keep you flipping pages, and a couple to root for in finding their future together, then A Baby to Tame the Wolfe is your perfect match.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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