A Breath of Relief ~ A Sense of Hope and Determination

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In some ways, 2021 started out worse than 2020, if that’s even possible given what we’ve experienced last year.

For me, January 6, 2021, brought all of my fears to the surface and I, quite frankly, fell apart that day.  Despair, anger, frustration, and such a sense of bewilderment at how we as a country had come to a day like that.

Then came January 20, 2021.  A day that I cried tears of relief, tears of joy, and even laughter from the deepest part of my heart and soul.  Oh, I know the exit of one despicable President isn’t the ending of all of my country’s problems.  But with this new President, a President that I believe in, that I trust has the nation’s and its people’s best interests at heart gives me hope for a future that has been sadly lacking in recent years.  An awesome female Vice-President is simply icing on top of a very unique cake.

Add to that sense of wonder and hope is the fact that I and my son qualify for the COVID vaccine and are setting up those appointments as quickly as possible — and my sense of renewal, sense of purpose, and a need to get back to the things I love (the things that I’ve somewhat neglected recently) has overtaken my imagination.  I feel alive again – and that, my friend, is an amazing feeling to rediscover.

I’ve blogged on my main blog, Keeper Bookshelf, for about seven years now.  It’s been a fun adventure, a learning curve to be sure, and a way to showcase my love of books, especially Romance novels of all genres.  I’ve branched out to my love of Shifter Romance, and to my fascination with Paranormal Romance, and finally here, to my delight in anything remotely Romantic in nature.  It’s been a fun hobby, a past-time, a way to talk about the books I love.

I want to go to the next level on those four blogs.  I need to go beyond the casual, although daily tasks to keep up-to-date on what needs to be done and where.  In order to accomplish that I desperately need organizing of my blogs, ways to shorten the time to some tasks, and ways to incorporate other tasks that I want to add.

Although it may not seem like it, these two parts of this blog post are important – a sense of purpose, of relief, and a desire to get “it” done again.  That flows directly into how to get my dreams done my way — and to that need, there is a list below of other book blogger’s posts about Blogging Tips, Tools, Inspiration, and just easier ways to get everything done.  I’ll be adding to this list as time goes on because there are lots of amazing bloggers out there willing to share what works for them with the rest of us… and I’m about to take advantage of that information so graciously shared.  Let’s get started:

Blogging on a Time Crunch from BookBriefs


Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin



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