A Loaded Question by Danica Winters

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He trusts her with his life.

That might not be enough.

STEALTH contractor Troy Spade works alone. But when a sniper takes a shot at him on a crowded city street, Troy has no choice but to cooperate with the FBI.

Agent Kate Scot is shocked to the core when he reveals the details of his investigation. As they get closer to the truth, secrets from Kate’s family will be brought to light.

How are they involved in this incident…and what are they willing to do to keep themselves safe?

Titles in the STEALTH: Shadow Team series include – A Loaded Question  Rescue Mission: Secret Child (March 2021) -A Judge’s Secrets (August 2021) – K-9 Recovery (September 2021)

*connection to the original STEALTH series – Hidden Truth – In His Sights – Her Assassin for Hire – Protective Operation 

Title:  A Loaded Question
Series:  STEALTH: Shadow Team #1
Author:  Danica Winters
Genre:  Romantic Suspense/Crime
Publication Date:  February 1, 2021
Rating:  4.5

A Loaded Question begins the STEALTH: Shadow Team series with an intense, gripping story that brings Troy and Kate into each other’s lives… and not only romantically but professionally, as well.  A sniper’s miss will propel these two into the other’s orbit, and for Troy, the one person he didn’t need knowing what he and his partner were doing was FBI Agent Kate Scot.  Professional courtesy grows into personal emotions as his case takes an unexpected turn… for them both.

To keep this a spoiler-free review I’m going to end up being a bit vague for there is so much going on in A Loaded Question, and in so many ways, they all lead to the surprising conclusion.  That ending – I’m not often totally surprised by an ending, I usually have some idea where we’re heading in a book, but this one did catch me off-guard for I did not see that coming, at all.

Understanding Troy’s recent past (as the story opens) is, I believe, vital to understanding who he is today.  I admit, there were moments when I wanted to shake the man to get his head out of the past and see what’s right in front of him.  Yet.  Knowing his past gives another layer to this complex man, and in many ways made him more human, more relatable to me throughout this story.

Kate is smart, stubborn, and professional.  And her internal “what the heck” alarm is going off strong when her dad tries to interfere after a sniper tried to take out Troy right in front of the local FBI office.  I loved seeing her catch Troy at certain things he’s doing.  Not a bad way, just knowing that Troy was meeting his match gave me some chuckles along the way for I love when a heroine can keep the hero just a bit off-kilter.

A Loaded Question is fast-paced, with sizzling chemistry between Kate and Troy, a complex case, vile villains to be dealt with, and an ending that will leave you wondering how you didn’t see that coming.  I had an absolute blast with this opening story to the series, enough so that just one page that brought in a main character from the original STEALTH series had me deciding to go back to that first series sooner than I’d thought I would.  I love this author’s work, and cannot wait to be taken further into her world.  If you love romantic suspense that keeps you on the edge throughout then STEALTH: Shadow Team would be perfect for you.

I own a Kindle edition of A Loaded Question.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle


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