A Nine-Month Temptation by Joanne Rock

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One night rocked their world.

Now can they tame their passion for their baby’s sake?

Ever since their mind-blowing encounter months ago, fashion CEO Roman Zayn hasn’t stopped hungering for Sable Cordero. 

But as a rising star in his brother’s design studio, the intoxicating celebrity stylist is strictly off-limits. 

Even when Roman discovers Sable is pregnant and steps in to offer support, further intimacy between them feels forbidden. But resistance to an attraction like theirs just may prove futile…

Titles in the Brooklyn Nights series (trilogy) include — A Nine-Month Temptation – Ways to Tempt the Boss – The Stakes of Faking It

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.


Title:  A Nine-Month Temptation
Series:  Brooklyn Nights #1
Author:  Joanne Rock
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  June 29, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

A Nine-Month Temptation begins the Brooklyn Nights trilogy with a sizzling romance between two people who have been hurt and almost destroyed by past relationships.  Their journey to their own happily ever after future is full of passion, relearning how to trust in love again, and taking the risk on fate not bringing them heartache once again.  I was drawn into Roman and Sable’s story from the first page and it never released me from its grip until the final page.

I loved the idea of the property where Sable and her roommates/friends lived in New York City.  A charming, historic place to live was given (temporarily) to three women who met the criteria of restarting their lives in a new and often difficult direction, each with their own story as background and a benefactress who I simply adored.

I loved Sable’s determination to rebuild her life following her own dream after her scum of an ex-husband divorced her shortly after she’s experienced the pain of a miscarriage.  What a jerk!  But Sable fought back in a way that won my admiration – she’s interning as a fashion stylist at an up-and-coming designer’s shop, Marcel who is Roman’s brother, and she is definitely making her mark in the industry.  There’s always been an awareness whenever Roman visited his brother, and this one night with all the romantic fantasy of the shoot she was staging helped them cross that line into a passionate encounter that neither planned – and there were consequences, unexpected ones but now it’s more than just their lives in the balance.

While I adored Roman, his stubborn clinging to an unreasonable past promise had me wanting a stern conversation with this man… often.  In my opinion, someone who is on their deathbed and gets the one they loved in life to promise to never love another… never loved that man for who would want such a bleak future without the possibility of loving again, in a different way, for the man they loved.  Roman adds to that promise to his deceased wife by believing that he isn’t capable of true love… but encounters, yes that he can do.  I shouldn’t speak ill of the fictional dead but really – I don’t consider that type of promise to never love another to be the action of a loving spouse more like a possessive act that will haunt the one left behind forever, but stepping off of that soapbox now.

After their encounter, Roman disappeared for two months focusing on his business in another location.  Upon another visit to Marcel he will learn of those consequences from the one night with Sable and begin to figure out how they can co-parent this unexpected child… and perhaps begin to let those feelings he’s fighting to develop into a love worth taking a risk on.

I enjoyed A Nine-Month Temptation very much.  It sets up the trilogy with roommates/friends quite well since I now need to know their stories, gives us a passionate, sizzling romance between two people who have to overcome a lot of their own issues before allowing themselves to fall in love for life.

I’m trying to get caught up on series that began earlier this year so next up for me to read will be Ways to Tempt the Boss.  If you love a really good romance with passion, past heartache, and the promise of tomorrow then you’ll want to get started on this series/trilogy right now.  I had a blast, and I’m betting you will, too.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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