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Posted May 18, 2023 by Marsha in Discussion / 0 Comments

I’m a reader who has a long, long list of authors that I return to for their next release (or to catch up on their backlist).  I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one out there in Romancelandia who does this.  On another of my websites, I have a pretty decent amount of authors with their title lists in the Paranormal Romance – Shifters genre.  To be honest, that is the website with the most visitors.  And you know what those visitors look at, are looking for?  Yep.  Author Lists, discovering an author who delivers the story wanted, needed and the desire to know what else is “out there” that might have been missed or needs to be discovered.  I’ve had more “thank you for doing this” comments there than anywhere else.

But, frankly, those Author Lists take up a lot of space… and research time, writing up time.  Yet.  I’m finding myself looking for a backlist, searching for all the books in a series far more often lately.  So.  Yeah.  I’m going to do that for Happily Ever After Romance.  It’s going to be a huge undertaking, and it’s going to take time… but, honestly, those lists are often for my own benefit first and to help other readers, well, that comes in second.

There is also no way to put every single author’s booklist on this website.  I’ve been reading for a very long time; I have a huge list of authors that I return to time and time again… but my lists are certainly not all that are out there to be discovered.  So, heads up, I’m not going to get everyone’s list here… but I will get the ones that matter to me (because, it’s my website, after all). 🙂  (Sorry, not sorry).

The way I’ve done this before is to have a page with the author’s name (pseudonym if known) — a link to their own website (if they have one) — and a list of their books (as best as I can research & discover).  All of those pages are connected to one menu usually with an alphabetical link like A-G author name… something like that, I’ll see what works here.

I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion about this plan — author or reader.  It will help me, but in the end, I also hope it will help you.


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