All They Want for Christmas by M. K. Stelmack

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Her not-so-jolly Christmas…

or a holiday surprise?

Bridget Montgomery’s Christmas is looking decidedly not festive. Her beloved aunt is gone, leaving only a struggling diner and a mountain of debt. Which Bridget now shares with her ex-fiancé and newly single dad, Jack Holdstrom.

Saving the diner is their first priority. But Bridget’s already falling for Jack’s troubled adopted girls. Will the spirit of Christmas mean she’s losing her broken heart to Jack again, too?

Series – The Montgomerys of Spirit Lake = 1. All They Want for Christmas 2. Her Rodeo Rancher –

Title:  All They Want for Christmas
Series:  The Montgomerys of Spirit Lake #1
Author:  M. K. Stelmack
Romance Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  September 1, 2020
Star Rating:  4

All They Want for Christmas is a realistic, emotional romance, perhaps a second chance to get love right for Bridget and Jack.  But it’s not going to be an easy journey for either.  Once Jack and Bridget were in love, newly engaged.  She was convinced by her beloved Aunt Penny to not make the engagement known just yet, so Bridget kept her happiness and her dreams to herself.  Perhaps it was for the best, after all when Jack decided to stay overseas with a charity.  Neither asked to go through this new adventure together, even though, if asked, they would have.  So, Bridget has been nursing a broken spirit and heart for years now.  Oh, she won’t admit that but it’s there in her decisions, her choices.

Now Jack has returned, along with his two adopted young daughters.  Life moves on.  Aunt Penny has passed away leaving her home, her restaurant to both Bridget and Jack… Jack who it turns out is actually Penny’s son.  And the complications continue.  Penny had made some bad financial decisions this past year leaving both Bridget and Jack scrambling to correct her actions.  All the while trying to help two little girls adjust to a new country, a new family, and the realization that they never need to go hungry ever again… which will not be easy.  To say their lives are too complicated for romance right now would be an understatement… but the heart rarely listens, does it?

All They Want for Christmas is a story that will leave behind an impression, laughter, hurt, tears, joy, and satisfaction.  I enjoyed Jack and Bridget’s romance, adored two little girls, and liked getting to know Bridget’s sisters.  The lesson of forgiveness is clear, and the way everyone came together to save Penny’s restaurant was emotional.  I had a good time here, and that’s the point.

I own a Kindle edition of All They Want for Christmas.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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