Author Book Lists

Welcome to my Romance Author Book Lists page where I’ll showcase some of my favorite authors, their website link, and their list of book releases (and series).  I’ve been reading for a very long time and have an arm-long list of authors I return to time and time again.  I won’t intend to leave anyone out on purpose, but if you think of an author (or want to be) on this list drop me a message.  I can’t please everyone, but I am looking to help myself (I do these pages to make my own life easier, that it helps others is an extra benefit). 🙂

I find that I am often searching for an author backlist, or a specific series, or even a book that I’m sure I have but cannot find so maybe it’s been retitled.  So I do a Google search ‘author name name’ and find what I’m looking for eventually.

But that takes time, and since I already have this Author Book Lists idea on my other two websites — well, I’m just going to continue with what I know works…  for me, working for visitors is an additional bonus.

This, also, will take time to grow.  It’s not a lighthearted project for researching, searching, adding, formatting, etc., etc., etc. will be involved.  But it’s a start.

There is a Menu beneath the “heart” banner at the top of the website with the Romance Author Book Lists (as shown below) —— either click on the grouping you need or click the little arrow for a dropdown to find the author you’re looking for.  That’s about as easy as I can make it right now.

Enjoy.  Hopefully, you’ll find the book you were searching for or perhaps a new to you author to follow… that’s why I’m doing all of this for the love of books. 🙂

(Of course, let’s be realistic here as well.  I can’t make a page for every single romance author’s list of books as much as I would love to.  I simply do not have that kind of room.  But there will be as many here as I can fit, the ones that I search out information, book releases, etc. about often… I hope these help or entertain you as well).

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