Baby on the Bad Boy’s Doorstep by Victoria James

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Connor O’Leary knows nothing about babies, families, or good women, yet he’s up to his ears in all three. Coming to Shadow Creek, Montana was meant to be a new start for this former oil rigger, but he had no idea that a fresh beginning would include a baby on his doorstep and a hot nanny he can’t stop thinking about. Diapers, feedings, and late nights soothing his little bundle of surprise were definitely not on his itinerary.

The last thing Haley Thomson expected to see is the reclusive Connor with a baby in his arms. Before she knows it, she’s volunteered as a nanny—temporarily. Helping out with baby Rosie is a dream come true and fills a space in her heart she believed will never be filled. But falling for Rosie’s hot and sexy bachelor daddy is not on her to-do list…but boy would she ever like it to be.

Series – Shadow Creek, Montana = 1. Christmas with the Sheriff – 2. The Baby Bombshell – 3. The Doctor’s Redemption 4. Baby on the Bad Boy’s Doorstep – 5. The Firefighter’s Pretend Fiancee – 6. A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor – 7. Snowed In with the Firefighter –

It’s very easy to fall into Baby On The Bad Boy’s Doorstep.  While we do run into old friends from the previous stories in this series, don’t panic if this is your first time in Shadow Creek, Montana.  You’ll soon feel right at home in this tight-knit community.

Connor and Haley make an interesting, enjoyable couple.  They each have their own issues that need to be dealt with, but together they are so much stronger.  Haley is coming out of an abusive marriage, she’s fighting her way back to the woman she once was but it takes time and patience with herself.  She’s got trust issues so while parts of her are very attracted to Connor, other parts hesitate to put her complete faith in this man.  Connor isn’t so much a bad boy as he is a man who has made choices throughout his life.  His heart is pure gold, his delivery at times needs some help though.  His choices were right for him and his family at the time.  Now he has a completely different set of choices to make, he may stumble a bit at times but he knows what he and Rosie need and that is Haley in their lives forever.

Baby Rosie steals the show and will definitely steal your heart.  Haley and Connor will do just about anything for that little girl.  Yet the most difficult thing they may end up doing is trusting their hearts to each other.  I had fun with this story.  A likable couple facing some challenges, an adorable baby to win your heart, and catching up with old friends, all equaled a very good story experience once again.  I’d recommend Baby On The Bad Boy’s Doorstep and, in fact, this entire series to any Contemporary Romance reader who enjoys strong characters, issues to be worked through, and a sense of family throughout the story.

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