Back in the Texan’s Bed by Naima Simone

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He’s going to claim his child and the woman who got away…

Will they ever learn…
that giving in to desire is playing with fire?

After discovering he has a secret son, oil heir Ross Edmond isn’t letting Charlotte Jarrett walk away again. He proposes they move in together—to share their son…and a bed.

But Charlotte has secrets, and Ross doesn’t know the real reason his family’s former chef left town three years ago—and they still have a powerful enemy who could bring them both down…

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This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Back in the Texan’s Bed
Series:  Texas Cattleman’s Club: Heir Apparent #1
Author:  Naima Simone
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  February 1, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

Back in the Texan’s Bed begins the next Texas Cattleman’s Club: Heir Apparent multi-author mini-series.  It sizzles with sexual chemistry between Charlotte and Ross – but the past and secrets also hover between them as well.  I was drawn in from the opening pages and didn’t leave this world until it was finished… for now.  (I still have to get caught up on this series, but that’s certainly not a difficult chore.)

For most of Back in the Texan’s Bed our hero, Ross comes off as a royal jerk.  Sorry, but that’s just how he presents himself.  Rich, entitled, arrogant, and in his mind wronged by the woman he was having a secret affair with – a woman who left him, just like every woman in his life has eventually done.  He is a man who has the world at his fingertips, is accustomed to having the best, to take up challenges in business and in life, a man who is used to winning at any cost.  As Charlotte returns to Royal we’ll get to see beneath Ross’ surface to the buried boy who was, again in his mind, abandoned by his mother and left with his father who uses obedience, tests, strictness, and outright bullying to get his way in business and with his children.  Rusty knows no other way and has never, ever apologized for being exactly the egotistical jerk that he is, but he is a very powerful jerk nonetheless.  Eventually, Ross will learn the other side of the story of his and his sister and brother’s youth but not before it’s almost too late to salvage what he desires most.

Charlotte is such a strong woman, she’s faced pain and loss, abandonment as well and she’s built a very good life for herself and her son.  It was for her son’s sake that she returned to Royal to mend fences with her parents and so that they could know their grandchild, Ben.  She’s an amazing chef, heading the kitchen of one of the finest, newest restaurants in town.  She knew there was always a chance of facing Ross again – she’d just hoped to avoid that confrontation for as long as possible.  It wasn’t long enough.

Back in the Texan’s Bed is emotional, just about every emotion you can imagine will cross the pages of this story before the ending comes.  I liked Charlotte from the start, her strength and determination drew me in and her heart kept me engaged.  Ross.  Well, Ross can be an absolute jerk because, of course, he’s always right, he’s always the wronged one, and he isn’t afraid to use his wealth and power to get what he wants.  I liked Ross in spite of himself believing that eventually, we’d get to the Ross that Charlotte loved once upon a time.  These two together are a bonfire and it doesn’t take much to ignite them either.  I adored little Ben.  I hope to run into all of them throughout the mini-series again as secondary characters for I don’t want to let them go just yet.

If you love a romance that is full of sexual tensions and actions, if discovering that love can be rekindled when the right reasons are obvious, or simply enjoy a really good romance… then you’ll want to pick up Back in the Texan’s Bed and begin the newest Texas Cattleman’s Club: Heir Apparent mini-series.  I’m hooked and not the least afraid to admit that.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.



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