Black Tie Bachelor Bid by Karen Booth

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Going once, going twice…and falling straight into her bed? A bachelor auction gets out of hand in the second Little Black Book of Secrets!

I paid quite a lot for time with you…

and I intend to get my money’s worth.

Romance is not on socialite Taylor Klein’s mind when she wins a night with super-sexy Roman Scott in a charity bachelor auction.

Buying a date is the only way to meet the famously reclusive hotelier—and pick his brain on how to launch her dream boutique hotel. Besides, Taylor’s done with romance.

But sticking to business gets tough when their sparks explode into passion. And even tougher when the notorious gossip account Little Black Book threatens to expose all their steamy secrets…

Titles in the Little Black Book of Secrets series (trilogy) include — The Problem with Playboys —♥— Black Tie Bachelor Bid —♥— How to Fake a Wedding Date —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Black Tie Bachelor Bid
Series:  Little Black Book of Secrets #2
Author:  Karen Booth
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published:  April 26, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Black Tie Bachelor Bid continues the Little Black Book of Secrets series (trilogy) with a story that captured my imagination from the start.  Taylor and Roman might not have started their romance in anything near a typical way – but that never stopped them from falling into an unexpected future.

Both Taylor and Roman are hiding from their pasts, in different ways perhaps but it’s there in the background of any new relationship – that is if they’d allow themselves to fall ever again.  When Taylor has the winning, heartstopping amount, bid on Roman in the bachelor auction he’s allowed himself to be involved with neither would have thought it would lead to a forever kind of love for them.

Taylor has sworn off men, she no longer trusts her judgment in the men she dates so she’s centering her focus on turning the family summer home into a unique boutique hotel and she desperately wants Roman’s opinion and help in accomplishing that goal.  Roman lives to work, he no longer has to work to live for his wealth is more than adequate for any millionaire’s lifestyle.  He hides behind his work, his elusiveness, and stepping out into the spotlight that Taylor’s very large bid could have been his worst nightmare if it weren’t for the attraction sizzling between them.

As they try to escape the media attention by heading to Taylor’s family’s Connecticut home these two unlikely lovers will discover that the past has to be dealt with… or someone else will bring it to the attention of their particular world.  Little Black Book strikes again, and the result will be… not quite what they intended.

I enjoyed Black Tie Bachelor Bid on several levels.  While it took me a few chapters to really warm up to Taylor, I loved that the person she is at her core was slowly revealed to us.  The mystery continues in the background, and we won’t get the full reveal until Alex’s story is told.  The sizzling chemistry between Roman and Taylor is undeniable, I love watching them work through issues, and find their way to their forever love.  It’s because of emotional, intriguing stories like this that Karen Booth is a go-to author for me.  I had fun back in this world and would definitely recommend this series to any reader who loves a good, believable romance, some sizzle, some mystery, and an all-around feel-good romance.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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