Building a Surprise Family by Anna J. Stewart

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An instant family… Is life-changing!

Pregnant construction supervisor Jo Bertoletti doesn’t need anyone’s help…or another heartbreak. So she’s putting handsome, kindhearted firefighter Ozzy Lakeman firmly into the friend zone.

After all, she’s just passing through Butterfly Harbor, and her life is too complicated for a summer romance.

But Ozzy feels an immediate connection. Can he convince the woman of his dreams to take a chance on building a forever family with him?

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Title:  Building a Surprise Family
Series:  Butterfly Harbor #10
Author:  Anna J. Stewart
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  July 27, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

Building a Surprise Family is the tenth title in the Butterfly Harbor series – and I have loved Ozzie from his first appearance and have waited patiently for his story to be told, and what an amazing story it turned out to be.  Watching Ozzie transform himself was an inspiring journey because he did this for himself, for his future not because anyone nagged him to do it, this was his choice.  And maybe he’s not quite used to the attention, and might roll his eyes at those females who wouldn’t look twice at him before, and definitely is getting tired of the Old Ozzie vs the New Ozzie jokes with a sting.  Yet, there’s a new lady in town that definitely grabbed his attention.  She’s a lady with a talent, a backstory that she’s not telling, and as he found out quickly, is probably the most stubborn female he’s ever come in contact with.  None of that matters.  If she needs help, Ozzie is there.  If she doesn’t want to date well then Ozzie can be a friend… but he’ll hope for more one day.  He’s a good guy, the kind that Jo didn’t believe existed outside of books that she rarely reads.

Jo doesn’t need any man in her life telling her what to do, what pigeonhole to fit into.  She’s often mistaken for a man before she shows up for the job she’s been hired for – and is it her fault that no one ever seems to understand that Jo is a female’s shortened name?  She’s good at what she does, and being pregnant and dumped isn’t going to stop her from doing that job or from creating a wonderful life for her soon to arrive baby.  But Butterfly Harbor is starting to grow on her, and one kind and handsome man is chipping away at the walls of her independent nature.  Now, comes the question of letting him into her life or not… but it certainly would be a nice change to have someone on her side no matter what life tosses their way.

Building a Surprise Family gives us a deeper understanding of Ozzie’s struggles with his weight, his determination to change for himself, and a career that he wanted so badly.  I always thought he was a pretty amazing guy, and this story gave a bit more insight.  I adored Jo from the start.  Yes, she’s a prickly as a hedgehog and perhaps as stubborn as a mule but she has her reasons.  Watching Butterfly Harbor, its residents, and one very good guy begin to soften that hard exterior and begin to trust that she might have found the right place to stick was an emotional journey.  There will always be complications in life, yet Ozzie and Jo have put together a future that can work for them – and that’s really the only ones who should be worried about it.

I loved being back in this town where everyone knows each other, the butterfly magic never goes away, and life is a bit slower while the people (for the most part) are accepting of strangers.  Yes, there’s a touch of danger, some complications along the way but I adored this couple and was very comfortable back in this coastal town full of butterflies.  Frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Butterfly Harbor stories, so I’m hoping they continue for a good long while.

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