Caught by the Cowboy Dad by Melinda Curtis

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This cowboy’s planned his future…

Then love gets in the way!

Holden Monroe is focused on sending his son off to college until ex-girlfriend Bernadette Carlisle drops the bomb that she’s expecting their baby.

The cowboy’s offer to do the right thing is an empty gesture to Bernadette.

The successful doctor doesn’t believe Holden is capable of settling down—she just wants a custody agreement.

But an eventful road trip might just change everyone’s expectations!

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The remainder of the series will be reviewed here at Happily Ever After Romance since here is where the Harlequin titles now live 🙂

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Title:  Caught by the Cowboy Dad
Series:  The Mountain Monroes #8
Author:  Melinda Curtis
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  June 29, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

Caught by the Cowboy Dad is the eighth title in The Mountain Monroes series, and this time around we get to see Holden in a very different light, a bit flustered and not always at the top of his intellectual game.  This is understandable in some ways for Holden is back, reluctantly, in Second Chance and is about to send his teenage son, Devin off to college when an ex-girlfriend (who he did a really good job of ghosting) announces for all his family members to hear that she is expecting his child.  To say that Holden went into a tailspin including a hospital visit would be an understatement.

Dr. Bernadette Carlisle is new to Second Chance, she’s considering selling her practice in the big city and settling down here where not only is another doctor needed but in a place where she feels comfortable and ready to raise her child on her own.  When Holden showed up she spoke without thinking and now she and Holden need to get the co-parenting of the baby she’s carrying straightened out but again Holden isn’t easy to pin down for a conversation.  So Bernadette takes matters into her own hands as she goes on a camping trip with Holden and Devin much to Holden’s displeasure.

I think whether we intend to or not, we all end up having favorite characters in long series… and not so favorite ones, too.  I’ve never warmed up to Holden, and he certainly didn’t make it easy to change that attitude in his story.  What a stubborn man!  I softened a bit toward him but he’s still not my favorite of the Monroes.  I adored Bernadette though.  She’s tough, equally stubborn but willing to have a conversation instead of just shutting down.  Watching them mend fences, acknowledge the love between them, and come up with a plan for their future was an emotional journey.  I loved the subplot with Devin and Frankie… that budding romance captured my heart quite easily.

I enjoyed myself back in this world proving that even a character I didn’t love could still provide a really good reading experience… well, mostly Bernadette and Devin but I’ll give Holden some credit there.  There is more to come in this series and I’ve got the next one downloaded and ready to start.  If you love a good, entertaining romance with interesting characters, a unique series arc, and the passion off-page, then you’d enjoy not only Caught by the Cowboy Dad but this entire series.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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