Christmas Romance ~ 2021

I cannot pass up a Christmas (Holiday) Romance.  I simply cannot do it.  I’ll read about sleigh bells ringing and hot chocolate in the middle of an August heatwave. *nods*  You, too?  Then this is a perfect list for you to check out!

Because the Season is short-ish, I don’t always get all the Christmas Romances that I’ve purchased read before the holiday.  So this year I’m going to list them as I buy them so that I do not miss out on a good story (or spend money on unread books!).  Perhaps you’ll see something that catches your eye, because -honestly- this list is really for me to keep track of what needs to be read. 🙂

Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch by Maisey Yates (Gold Valley)

Christmas at Colts Creek by Delores Fossen (Last Ride, Texas)

Christmas Town Homecoming (various authors – collection connected)

Just for the Holidays… by Adrianna Herrera (Harlequin series)