Cowboy Summer by Joanne Kennedy

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Jess Bailey broke Cade Walker’s heart when she left for the city—but she was just trying to find her own way in the world. When Jess’s dad calls her home and tells her he’s selling the ranch, she realizes she’s about to lose the life she was born to live. And when she sees Cade again, she knows how much she’s lost already.

As their nearest neighbor, Cade is always trying to help. But he’s got his own ranch and his horse training business to think about. Even though his heart fills with hope for a second chance when he sees Jess, she left him once when things got tough. And she knows he moved on without her.

As the sale of the Bailey ranch looms over them, Jess and Cade start looking to the future. But can they ever trust one another again?

Series – Blue Sky Cowboys = #1 Cowboy Summer – #2 Blue Sky Cowboy Christmas

Title:  Cowboy Summer
Series:  Blue Sky Cowboys #1
Author:  Joanne Kennedy
Romance Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Publication Date:  June 25, 2019
Star Rating:  4

Cowboy Summer begins the Blue Sky Cowboys series with a second chance romance that is full of emotions and feel-good moments as Cade and Jess navigate the present while trying to not repeat their painful past.

Jess made a choice to spread her wings in the city, far from her roots in ranching country.  She left behind one broken-hearted cowboy who had believed they would be together for life… not just high school sweethearts.  And to be fair, Cade made some really bad choices after Jess left – really bad, but he resolved them in divorce court.

When Jess’s dad becomes ill and the ranch becomes too much for him to handle he asks her to come home since he’s planning on selling the only home she’s ever known.  She didn’t expect the emotions that overcame her… or her reaction to Cade.

I liked Jess and Cade, but I have to tell you I was sorely tempted to do… a lot… of smackin’ upside the heads and stern, very stern talking to moments with these two.  Talk about stubborn, bad choices, and not seeing what was right in front of their eyes.  Told from various points of view, we get an overall feel of what’s really going on from everyone. There were times when I wasn’t seeing why Jess was upset with people, but… I guess I just missed it.

In any event, I did enjoy Cowboy Summer and I’ll be watching for the next story.

I own a Kindle edition of Cowboy Summer.


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