Cowboy Under Fire by Lena Diaz

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A Justice Seeker known for getting answers is about to face the ultimate test…

With his black Stetson and nose for the truth, former cop Dalton Lynch is the perfect addition to the Justice Seekers organization. Then a case lands in his lap that puts him right in the line of fire—and has Hayley Nash leaning on him for answers in the death of her friend.

They might share a tense past, but Dalton pushes that aside to do what he does best: get the facts. The only problem is, with their history, Dalton finds working with the spirited web expert to be an exercise in restraint—especially when it comes to keeping his hands to himself.

Titles in The Justice Seekers series include –Cowboy Under Fire – Agent Under Seige – Killer Conspiracy – Deadly Double-Cross –

Title:  Cowboy Under Fire
Series:  The Justice Seekers #1
Author:  Lena Diaz
Romance Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  December 1, 2020
Rating:  4.5 stars

There are stories that have me deep in their grip from the very first page – Cowboy Under Fire, the beginning of The Justice Seekers series was such a book.  Dalton is a former cop who now works for a private company, a group of former police/military personnel who, for one reason or another, have been let go from those jobs because they were framed, accused, or pushed the wrong person at the wrong time.  Not one of them is guilty of anything beyond being a good cop who was done wrong.  They’ve found a home in the Justice Seekers organization, and can actually work to right wrongs and put the right bad guys behind bars.

For the past several months, Dalton has been hounded, followed, stalked, and annoyed by Hayley who believes with all her heart that he killed her friend, Bethany.  She even has the “proof”, her friend’s notes guiding her to bring Dalton to justice.  Yet, no one believes her, the police dismiss her concerns, and now she’s doing all she can to destroy the man who she thinks murdered her friend.

Then she takes one step too far and finds herself facing the man she suspects is guilty face to face, no longer through the distance of the website she’s created to show the world just how horrid this man is.  The ironic thing is though – Dalton’s not mad that she broke into his home, he’s annoyed that his dog was injured but he’s actually going to help Hayley find out what really happened to Bethany – over his boss’s and fellow members of Justice Seekers concerns.

Still, she won’t let up, getting little digs in whenever she can – even when it begins to look like Dalton might be right and Hayley horribly wrong.  She couldn’t possibly be falling for this handsome man in his black Stetson, right?  She couldn’t have been wrong all this time and actually damaged a man’s reputation for nothing, right?  Questions fly as Hayley has to take a step back and a fresh look at what’s happening around her, especially when she’s the one now being accused of murder.

I am so excited for the rest of this series.  Cowboy Under Fire drew me in, kept me focused and on edge throughout.  I fell in love with Dalton, and while Hayley did annoy me at times I still enjoyed her for the devotion she has to a friend.  The secondary characters blew me away as we are slowly introduced to most through the natural progression of this story – and I cannot wait to discover each member of The Justice Seekers with their own story.  The writing is smooth, the action fast, and the red herrings, the twists and turns, and discoveries along the way kept me glued to the pages needing to know more.  This series is going on the re-read list already, it’s that good.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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