Dating Her Crush by April Murdock

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Catherine Langston is a cowgirl through and through. She loves ranch life and she loves working there. But after some time in the city, she’s seeing there’s value in a wider wardrobe, a stylish hairdo, and expertly applied makeup. Now if Shane, the guy she’d been crushing on since she was a teenager, would notice it might be worth the effort.

Shane Bolton is the last of his siblings to be unattached. Everyone knows it’s his turn and he’s kind of on the hot seat. But he’s not interested in marrying any girl who doesn’t meet his very high standards.

When Cat’s parents sign over majority ownership of their ranch to Bolton Farms, Shane is chosen to run it. Cat wants to prove that they made the wrong decision. They should have turned it over to her.

She’ll choose to work with Shane, but working so closely with him could bring out a rivalry that will ruin their relationship. But will he see the value in Cat that he’s managed to overlook until now?

Titles in the Billionaire Ranchers Second Generation series include — Faking Her Engagement —♥— Protecting His Heart —♥— Marrying Her Friend —♥— Dating Her Crush —♥— Taking His Chance —♥—

And… is a spin-off of the Billionaire Ranchers series which includes — Impressing Her Billionaire Boss —♥— Keeping Her Cowboy CEO —♥— Saving Her Billionaire Cowboy Hero —♥— Loving Her Billionaire Cowboy Partner —♥— Arguing With Her Billionaire Cowboy —♥— Teaching Her Billionaire Cowboy Rookie —♥—

Title:  Dating Her Crush
Series:  Billionaire Ranchers Second Generation #4
Author:  April Murdock
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  October 18, 2022
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Dating Her Crush is the fourth title in the Billionaire Ranchers Second Generation series and finally, we’ll get Shane and Cat’s story.  These two have practically grown up together as they live on ranches that border each other.  Plus Cat has been Shane’s sister’s friend for most of that time.  Cat has had a crush on Shane for years, but he’s never really noticed her as more than his sister’s friend until recently.  When Cat returns from a visit to New York with a new hairstyle and a more confident attitude well, let’s just say that Shane sat up and took notice.  That new interest might have played out differently for them both if it had been allowed to grow naturally – but, life rarely allows things to just fall into place, especially in a romantic way.  Cat’s parents are about to change everything for their daughter when they make the decision to move back East to be with her dying grandfather… and give control of their ranch to Shane, not to their daughter, Catherine.  Yeah, talk about a monkey wrench!

While I’ve always liked Shane throughout this series, he is certainly more than a bit arrogant and entitled.  I understood his frustration when his sister returned and the control of their ranch was given over to her not Shane… but that fact has played heavily in his every waking moment since and turned what may have been a nice guy into someone with a huge chip on his shoulder.  And it shows in Dating Her Crush.

We’ve met Cat before as well, and her puppy love for her neighbor has never been hidden from sight – if one actually opens his eyes to see it.  Now she’s a young woman who is being set aside by her parents who don’t believe she’s capable of handling their family ranch on her own but must have the help (or the threat) of Shane at her side.  I felt for Cat in so many ways, but what always amazed me in their story was that Shane just didn’t get that he and her parents are doing the exact same thing that happened to him… but he’s okay with it, gleeful about it in many ways as he gets to run “his own” ranch now his way, often forgetting that it’s Cat’s ranch as well.

Dating Her Crush is a well-written, emotional romance that kept me flipping pages.  It’s full of well, resentment at times, coming to a place where one finally decides to choose their own path in life not what others expect, with a few twists and misunderstandings before Cat and Shane will figure out their true feelings for each other.  I always love seeing that “light bulb” moment when characters really begin to see their actions through someone else’s eyes… and change because of that knowledge.  If you love an emotional romance with deep-seated issues, a couple that you’ll be cheering on, and a family that is certainly realistic, then this story is perfect for you.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the author or author’s team via Booksprout. The opinions expressed in this review are my own -good, bad, or indifferent.*

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