Diving Into the TBR Leaning Tower of Unread Books!

Posted February 23, 2023 by Marsha in Discussion / 0 Comments

I have a very bad habit, perhaps one we share.  I buy books, lots and lots of books — and like any reasonable adult at a dessert buffet, grab far more than I can handle quickly.  (I know I’m not alone in this)  I have good intentions; really, I do.  But time is an enemy that overtakes me far too often.

So.  It’s time to dive into the TBR for at least a weekly feature (that I stick to) or, hopefully, a daily trip down memory lane.  I’ll often do the mechanical parts of a post, the Cover Description, the Cover Picture, who wrote it, etc., as I finish it when I’m on one of those “must read the entire series (world) right now with no break” moods.  I’ll even put down notes, so I don’t forget any important details.  Yet I don’t take the time to write the review because I want to get back to that “world” and see what happens next.  But then a new shiny romance is released, or an ARC is due soon, so I set aside my good intentions and, well, forget those good intentions.  *sigh*

Guilt.  It’s a real thing when it comes to reading an amazing story and not reviewing it, talking about it, or sharing it.  It’s perhaps a personal quirk, but I do feel guilty about missed reviews – which is why you’ll often see reviews of older releases.  It’s time to do something about that guilt, as in getting rid of it!  🙂

Along with those already read but not reviewed yet books, I’m also going to dive into the plethora of books on my Kindle that deserve to be devoured… and not someday but today.  This post is simply to give me a reminder of accountability – if I say I’ll do something, then I need to show proof of it to myself if no one else.  Yet, I’ve read some amazing romances, and I do want to share those reading experiences, so now is as good a time as any.

Please, please tell me I’m not alone in this TBR madness – I’d love some company! 🙂



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