Engaged to London’s Wildest Billionaire by Kali Anthony

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In the words of the devil himself:

“Scandal I can do…”

Lance Astill’s debauched reputation is the stuff of tabloid legend. He’s dedicated to rebelling against his strict aristocratic upbringing and has never once shied away from trouble.

Until he meets Sara Conrad…

Entertaining thoughts of his attraction to sheltered Sara would be far too reckless. Even for him.

Then Sara makes him an impassioned plea to help her escape an arranged wedding, just like the one Lance failed to save his sister from.

The playboy’s outlandish solution? Their own headline-making engagement!

Titles in the Behind the Palace Doors series include — The Marriage That Made Her Queen —♥— Engaged to London’s Wildest Billionaire —♥— Crowned for the King’s Secret —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Author ARC

Title:  Engaged to London’s Wildest Billionaire
Series:  Behind the Palace Doors #2
Author:  Kali Anthony
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 28, 2023
Publisher:  Harlequin Presents
My Rating:  4.5

Engaged to London’s Wildest Billionaire continues the Behind the Palace Doors trilogy with a fun, steamy romance that, at times, gives us a glimpse of a modern-day rake in all his charming glory.

As a reader of Historical Romance, I loved the feeling of a Regency Romance taking place in today’s world.  We have the roguish rake and the lovely damsel in distress, and oh, so many nasty villains out to ruin the happiness of Sara and eventually of Lance as well.  With that sexy smirk, how could I ever not picture Lance in a rake’s role?  But appearances are often there for a reason, and we’ll soon discover that Lance isn’t quite the man he presents to society or the press.  He might not be innocent, but he certainly isn’t the man with some rather nasty nicknames either.  His reputation goes before him, and that’s exactly what Lance has always planned.  His comparisons to a historical rake are not by accident, at all.

Sara has escaped an arranged marriage to a nasty man.  Although the circumstances might have been extreme, still, she’s silently rejoicing that the marriage will no longer take place.  Until, to her horror, her social climbing, rather cruel and self-centered parents quickly make another advantageous match.  Perhaps even worse than the first.  She’s desperate enough to ask for help from a man known to be nothing more than a player… but there’s something about Lance that she trusts enough to plead for help.  She might not have expected his response, but she’s not about to back out now.

I loved Sara and Lance, both individually and together as a couple.  Each hides their personalities in different ways, but Lance has done such a wonderful job of convincing the world that he is a carefree, passion-seeking player that no one sees beyond the persona he’s given himself.  No one except for select friends… and Sara.  It was such an emotional journey watching Sara discover a world that she had no idea existed.  A world where her opinion was valued, where she had choices, and where one unique man could love her just as she is, not as what she represents.  She sees Lance for the man he is at the core, and she would love him for a lifetime if he would take the risk of being himself.  Of course, their romance is passionate, and given the world they travel in, well, quite amazing… but, at the heart, this is a story of two people who need to be seen for who they are.  And that is the greatest gift that love can grant to a person, isn’t it?

I had a blast back in this world.  So, if you love your romances well-written, emotional, steamy, funny, and outrageous with a touch of stepping back in time… then you’re going to love Sara and Lance.

*I was kindly gifted an e-ARC of this novel by the author. The opinions expressed in this review are my own -good, bad, or indifferent.*

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