Fortune’s Fatherhood Dare by Makenna Lee

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Just another bad boy…or a hero in disguise?

Bartender Damon Fortune Maloney doesn’t sweat the small stuff; he has always gotten by on his charm.

When he boasts that he can handle any kid, adorable single mom Sari Keeling dares him to watch her two rambunctious boys for just one day.

It’s game on, but Damon soon discovers that parenthood is tougher than he thought—and so is resisting Sari.   

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This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Fortune’s Fatherhood Dare
Series:  The Fortunes of Texas: Hitting the Jackpot #4
Author:  Nina Crespo
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published: March 28, 2023
Publisher:  Harlequin Special Edition
My Rating:  4.5

Oh, be careful what you brag about; you might just have to prove yourself!  And that is exactly what Damon discovers in Fortune’s Fatherhood Dare, the fourth title in The Fortunes of Texas: Hitting the Jackpot series.  Like every other of his siblings who are waiting for that magical moment when their unexpected inheritance hits their bank accounts, Damon has been daydreaming of the day… the day all those wishes of his for travel, cars, and a nice house, would finally arrive.  In the meantime, he’s quite content bartending, flirting, and teasing those same siblings (especially the ones who have found their lifelong partners).  He never imagined in such a short time three precious people would have him making far different decisions, turning those wishes in a different direction, and thinking that perhaps this family was where his true wealth lies.

I absolutely adored Sari’s little boys.  They are whirlwinds on steroids, but sweet as angels when they’re asleep.  Something it’s going to take Damon a bit of time to figure out is how to control the whirlwinds while waiting for those sweet angels to appear.  Hint, sugar is not the answer!  I fell for Jacob and Benny just as quickly and completely as Damon did.  Watching these boys fall for the man who wasn’t a bit afraid of donning a superhero cape and playing with them… even as he took their safety quite seriously while following their mother’s rules was a joy to see unfold.  You don’t have to be a biological father to be a dad, and Damon proved that quite well.

Sari was reluctant to put her trust completely in Damon.  As a widow, it’s up to her to raise these boys, and there are moments when that is an overwhelming task.  I loved the moments when Damon saw that in Sari and encouraged her to take some time for herself; he had the boys covered.  They might be totally different in their outlooks on life, even in life experiences, but they were perfect for each other.  Sometimes life is about balance, and Damon and Sari balance the boys’ lives with those differences while enriching them as well.  I loved seeing Damon slowly change his wishes, his dreams, and even his plans as this family became more important than waiting for that inheritance to arrive.

I had such a good time with Sari and Damon, as well as Jacob and Benny.  If you love a romance with kids in it and love watching not only a couple form in front of your eyes but a family (in every sense) as well… then have I got a good story for you.  A well-written, emotional, joyful romance that any Romance reader would enjoy.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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