From Exes to Expecting by Laurel Greer

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This time there’s a baby on board…

Dr. Lauren Dawson knows her brief marriage to footloose photographer Tavish Fitzgerald ended for a reason. That doesn’t mean their undeniable chemistry isn’t as potent as ever.

And when Tavish returns home to Sutter Creek for his sister’s wedding, the sparks between them turn into a blaze.

But when Lauren finds herself pregnant, these exes have nine months to build a forever family together…

Series – Sutter Creek, Montana = #1 From Exes to Expecting – #2 A Father For Her Child – #3 Holiday by Candlelight – #4 Their Nine-Month Surprise – #5 In Service of Love

Title:  From Exes to Expecting
Series:  Sutter Creek, Montana #1
Author:  Laurel Greer
Romance Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  March 1, 2018
Star Rating:  4

From Exes to Expecting begins the Sutter Creek, Montana series with a lovely second chance romance for two people who couldn’t make it the first time around, but now there’s someone else to consider.  This is Ms. Greer’s debut novel, and I’ll definitely be back for the rest of the series… and beyond.

Lauren and Tavish have always had passion and love between them, that aspect of their relationship has never been in question.  One secret marriage that didn’t work because of some fundamental fears and differences ended up in a just as secret divorce.

Neither has ever stopped loving the other, it’s the other things that drove a wedge between them.  Tavish’s need to always be on the move, never settling down which is a direct result of his father’s abandonment.  Lauren never wanted to leave their small town for she has an undeniable fear that family members will be hurt if she isn’t nearby to tend to them.  Her doctor’s heart just won’t risk leaving them, in her mind, unprotected.  An impasse for two people in love that simply couldn’t be overcome.

Now Tavish is back in his hometown for his sister’s wedding, and it’s inevitable that he will run into Lauren again considering she’s the groom’s sister.  Sutter Creek is a small town where people help out and it seems destined that this couple would meet and the sparks would fly once more.  One moment of passion, love never far from the surface results in the unexpected pregnancy that will have them both rethinking priorities and perhaps finding their way back to each other again.

From Exes to Expecting grabbed my heartstrings and never let go.  It’s so obvious that Lauren and Tavish do belong together, but this time around there’s something bigger than them both to push them to rethink, reevaluate, and do what they both fear.  There is laughter, steamy moments, fear, anger, and situations that neither can control to get through before that happy ending can become a reality.  I enjoyed myself so much in this world, and since I’ve already purchased the series I’m going to have a blast in binge-reading the rest to get caught up.

I own a Kindle edition of From Exes to Expecting.



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