Guarding Colton’s Child by Lara Lacombe

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To keep her family safe

He’ll risk everything, even his heart…

After losing his family, Dr. Stavros Makris could never imagine trusting again. So when Desiree Colton rushes her toddler, Danny, to the ER, Stavros must keep things professional with mother and son.

But then a kidnapper targets Danny, and Stavros lets down his guard, forging an unbreakable bond with Desiree. As sparks fly between them, they work against the clock to protect the little boy from a criminal closing in…

Titles in the multi-author Coltons of Grave Gulch series include – Colton’s Dangerous Liaison by Regan Black – Colton’s Killer Pursuit by Tara Taylor Quinn – Colton Nursery Hideout by Dana Nussio – Colton’s Bullseye by Geri Krotow – Guarding Colton’s Child by Lara Lacombe – Colton’s Covert Witness by Addison Fox – Rescued by the Colton Cowboy by Deborah Fletcher Mello – Colton K-9 Target by Justine Davis – A Colton Internal Affair by Jennifer D. Bokal – Uncovering Colton’s Family Secret by Linda O. Johnston – Agent Colton’s Takedown by Beverly Long – Proving Colton’s Innocence by Lara Lacombe

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Guarding Colton’s Child
Series:  Coltons of Grave Gulch #5
Author:  Lara Lacombe
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  May 25, 2021
Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense
My Rating:  4.5 stars

We met Desiree and her little son, Danny, in the first story in the Coltons of Grave Gulch multi-author series, Colton’s Dangerous Liaison when he was kidnapped by a desperate grandmother trying to draw police attention to her granddaughter’s case.  Now in Guarding Colton’s Child Desiree will find her own happy future… eventually.  Before that can happen she’ll have to face another kidnapping attempt, trust in love again, and convince a stubborn doctor that the past doesn’t have to impact the future.

After the kidnapping, even though Danny was returned to her within hours, Desiree is still understandably cautious with everything about Danny’s protection.  One of a mother’s worst nightmares came true for her so she’s not going to go back to a settled life immediately.  Yet when Danny has a high fever she needs to take him to the ER, and right into the path of a stubborn, hurting doctor who has his own demons to face.  The sparks between Desiree and Stavros are obvious to them both but another kidnapping attempt will put that attraction on the back burner… for now.

My heart went out to Stavros.  He’s faced a similar situation but with a far different ending.  While his attraction to Desiree and his gentle touch with Danny brings back memories that are so painful, he’s also not allowing himself to fall in love ever again for loving someone means trusting them and that’s something he’s not certain he can ever do again.  Yet he steps into protection mode when Danny is snatched and his presence, his dedication to keeping this mother and son safe are admirable …there’s more to it than just that, but he’s fighting the attraction and the need.

As a parent, I can see both sides of their situation.  Still, it’s obvious to just about everyone surrounding them (and the reader) that this is a couple that belongs together – they’ll just have to get past some obstacles first.

The overriding series arc brings a serial killer back to the forefront, moves the series along with more details on several fronts, and gives a heartbreaking reason for Danny’s attempted kidnapping.  No, I’m not saying it should have happened but the reasons are emotional and bring even more intensity to this story as it gains speed toward the ending.  I enjoyed Guarding Colton’s Child very much and as with every story in this series, it answers some questions and presents even more with a hint to the next Colton’s romance.  If you enjoy Romantic Suspense, a good love story, and being kept on your toes throughout then this story and this series would be perfect for you.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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