Harlequin Addiction 2021

Another year full of Harlequin books – it’s how I escaped 2020, let’s see what 2021 brings to us all.

I have a true addiction to Harlequin books, I have for most of my adult reading life.  They are the books I turn to for a happy ending, an intriguing plot, and characters that I’ll always fall a bit in love with myself.  They are my escape reality – and I’m not one bit embarrassed about that fact since these stories have saved my sanity many times over my lifetime by letting me get away from my own reality for just a little bit and escaping into another world where I know, eventually, there is always a Happy Ever After.

Harlequin Desire

Gold Valley Vineyards by Maisey Yates

  1. Rancher’s Wild Secret
  2. Claiming the Rancher’s Heir
  3. The Rancher’s Wager (Jan. 2021)

Harlequin Heartwarming

Butterfly Harbor by Anna J. Stewart

  1. The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor (December 2015)
  2. Recipe for Redemption (June 2016)
  3. A Dad for Charlie (August 2017)
  4. Always the Hero (March 2018)
  5. Holiday Kisses (April 2019)
  6. Safe in His Arms (September 2019)
  7. The Firefighter’s Thanksgiving Wish (November 2019)
  8. A Match Made Perfect (April 2020)
  9. Bride on the Run (January 2021)
  10. Building A Surprise Family (July 2021)
  • I have some of these titles in Butterfly Harbor, not certain yet if I’ll go for the full series or not.

Harlequin Intrigue

A Marshal Law Novel by Nichole Severn

  1. The Fugitive (January 2021)
  2. The Witness (February 2021)
  3. The Prosecutor (March 2021)
  4. The Suspect (April 2021)

An Unsolved Mystery Book by Cassie Miles

  1. Cold Case Colorado (Februray 2021)

K-9 Alaska by Elizabeth Heiter

  1. K-9 Defense (May 2019)
  2. Alaskan Mountain Rescue (January 2021)
  3. K-9 Cold Case (April 2021)

Mystere Parish by Jana DeLeon –(this series is released through Harlequin Digital, it is a reissue of the series originally published in 2012-2013 it is listed here as the beginning of the Mystere Parish universe)

  1. The Reckoning (July 2015)
  2. The Vanishing (September 2019)
  3. The Awakening (November 2019)

Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance by Jana DeLeon

(this series is being re-issued, I purchased these first 3 books below before that reissue so I do not know if anything has changed/been edited/or added to the original – my reviews are based on the copy I have right now) (Jan. 2021)

  1. The Accused (August 2013)
  2. The Betrayed (September 2013)
  3. The Reunion (October 2013)

STEALTH by Danica Winters — this begins the universe of STEALTH, I do not know if I’ll continue the entire series (frankly the last 2 books are more cost-wise than I’d usually spend… but, if it’s worth the price then I’ll finish the series).

  1. Hidden Truth (December 2019)
  2. In His Sights (January 2020)
  3. Her Assassin for Hire (February 2020)
  4. Protective Operation (March 2020)

STEALTH: Shadow Team by Danica Winters

  1. A Loaded Question (February 2021)

Tactical Crime Division: Traverse City (Multi-Authors)

  1. Rookie Instincts by Carol Ericson
  2. Toxin Alert by Tyler Anne Snell (Dec. 2020)
  3. Impact Zone by Julie Anne Lindsey (Jan. 2021)
  4. Hunting A Killer by Nicole Helm (Feb. 2021)

The Justice Seekers by Lena Diaz

  1. Cowboy Under Fire (December 2020)
  2. Agent Under Seige (January 2021)
  3. Killer Conspiracy (May 2021)
  4. Deadly Double-Cross (June 2021)

The Outriders by Elle James

  1. Homicide at Whiskey Gulch (January 2021)
  2. Hideout at Whiskey Gulch (February 2021)

The Taylor Clan: Firehouse 13 by Julie Miller

  1. Crime Scene Cover-Up (Dec. 2020)
  2. Dead Man District (January 2021)

Harlequin Presents

Harlequin Romance

Cinderellas in the Spotlight by Sophie Pembroke

  1. Awakening His Shy Cinderella (December 2020)
  2. A Midnight Kiss to Seal the Deal (January 2021)

Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Harlequin Special Edition

Sutter Creek, Montana by Laurel Greer

  1. From Exes to Expecting
  2. A Father For Her Child
  3. Holiday by Candlelight
  4. Their Nine-Month Surprise
  5. In-Service of Love
  6. Snowbound with the Sheriff (January 2021)

The Camdens of Montana by Victoria Pade

  1. The Marine Makes Amends (January 2021)
  2. The Marine’s Baby Blues (May 2021)

Twin Kings Ranch by Christy Jeffries

  1. What Happens At The Ranch… (January 2021)
  2. Making Room for the Rancher (March 2021)


(Harlequin) Love Inspired

(Harlequin) Love Inspired Suspense

K-9 Search and Rescue (Multi-Authors)

  1. Desert Rescue by Lisa Phillips (January 2021)
  2. Trailing A Killer by Carol J. Post (February 2021)
  3. Mountain Survival by Christy Barritt (March 2021)