Harlequin Addiction

I have a true addiction to Harlequin books, I have for most of my adult reading life.  They are the books I turn to for a happy ending, an intriguing plot, and characters that I’ll always fall a bit in love with myself.  They are my escape reality – and I’m not one bit embarrassed about that fact since these stories have saved my sanity many times over my lifetime by letting me get away from my own reality for just a bit.

So, a new blog needs a Harlequin page.  Here you’ll find the Harlequin series (in their various lines) that I’m in the process of completing – and reviewing.  Time is something we never have enough of… so these are my intended Harlequin series for Happily Ever After Romance to be reviewing in the coming weeks, and honestly, months.  I can only read so fast and the stories I want to read keep coming with no regard to my growing TBR pile.  🙂

Harlequin Desire

Billionaires of Boston by Naima Simone

  1. Vows in Name Only

Clashing Birthrights by Yvonne Lindsay

  1. Seducing the Lost Heir (December 2020)
  2. Scandalizing the CEO (February 2021)

Gold Valley Vineyards by Maisey Yates

  1. Rancher’s Wild Secret
  2. Claiming the Rancher’s Heir
  3. The Rancher’s Wager (Jan. 2021)

Redhawk Reunion by Robin Covington

  1. Taking On the Billionaire
  2. Seducing His Secret Wife (Feb. 2021)
Harlequin Heartwarming

Eclipse Ridge Ranch by Mary Anne Wilson

  1. Under A Christmas Moon
  2. Her Wyoming Hero (March 2021)

Northern Lights by Beth Carpenter

  1. The Alaskan Catch
  2. A Gift for Santa
  3. An Alaskan Proposal
  4. Alaskan Hideaway
  5. Sweet Home Alaska
  6. Alaskan Dreams
  7. An Alaskan Family Christmas
  8. An Alaskan Homecoming (May 2021)

Wishing Well Springs by Cathy McDavid

  1. The Cowboy’s Holiday Bride
  2. How to Marry A Cowboy (April 2021)
Harlequin Intrigue

An O’Connor Family Mystery by Barb Han

  1. Texas Kidnapping
  2. Texas Target (November 2020)
  3. Texas Law (December 2020)

Blackhawk Security by Nichole Severn

  1. Rules in Blackmail
  2. Rules in Rescue
  3. Rules in Deceit
  4. Rules in Defiance
  5. Caught in the Crossfire

(The) Justice Seekers by Lena Diaz

  1. Cowboy Under Fire (December 2020)
  2. Agent Under Seige (January 2021)
  3. Killer Conspiracy (May 2021)
  4. Deadly Double-Cross (June 2021)

Longview Ridge Ranch by Delores Fossen

  1.  Safety Breach
  2. A Threat to His Family
  3. Settling An Old Score
  4. His Brand of Justice

(The) Ranger Brigade: Rocky Mountain Manhunt by Cindi Myers

  1. Investigation in Black Canyon
  2. Mountain of Evidence (Dec. 2020)
  3. Mountain Investigation (March 2021)
  4. Presumed Deadly (April 2021)

Tactical Crime Division: Traverse City (Multi-Authors)

  1. Rookie Instincts by Carol Ericson
  2. Toxin Alert by Tyler Anne Snell (Dec. 2020)
  3. Impact Zone by Julie Anne Lindsey (Jan. 2021)
  4. Hunting A Killer by Nicole Helm (Feb. 2021)

The Taylor Clan: Firehouse 13 by Julie Miller

  1. Crime Scene Cover-Up (Dec. 2020)
  2. Dead Man District (January 2021)
Harlequin Love Inspired Romance

A Fresh-Start Family Romance by Stephanie Dees

  1. The Cowboy’s Twin Surprise
  2. The Cowboy’s Unexpected Baby
  3. A Daughter for Christmas

(The) Calhoun Cowboys by Lois Richer

  1. Hoping For A Father
  2. Home to Heal
  3. Christmas in a Snowstorm
  4. A Plan for Her Future (May 2021)

(The) Double R Legacy by Danica Favorite

  1. The Cowboy’s Sacrifice
  2. His True Purpose
  3. A True Cowboy

Golden Grove by Ruth Logan Herne

  1. A Hopeful Harvest
  2. Learning to Trust
  3. Finding Her Christmas Family

Thunder Ridge by Renee Ryan

  1. Surprise Christmas Family
  2. The Sheriff’s Promise (May 2021)
Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense

Stand Alone Titles (at this time)

  • Fatal Identity By Jodie Bailey
  • Dangerous Deception by Evelyn M. Hill

  • Christmas Protection Detail by Terri Reed
  • Christmas Up in Flames by Lisa Harris
  • Artic Christmas Ambush by Sherri Shackelford
  • Alaskan Christmas Target by Sharon Dunn
Harlequin Medical Romance

Royal Christmas at Seattle General (multi-author)

  1. Falling For The Secret Prince by Alison Roberts
  2. Neurosurgeon’s Christmas to Remember by Traci Douglass
  3. The Bodyguard’s Christmas Proposal by Charlotte Hawkes
  4. The Princess’s Secret Baby by Louisa George

Stand Alone Titles (at this time)

  • The Single Dad’s Holiday Wish by Susan Carlisle
Harlequin Presents

(The) Avelar Family Scandals by Amanda Cinelli

  1. The Vows He Must Keep
  2. Returning to Claim His Heir (Feb. 2021)

(The) Christmas Princess Swap (Multi-Authors)

  1. The Royal Pregnancy Test by Heidi Rice
  2. The Queen’s Impossible Boss by Natalie Anderson

Innocent Christmas Brides by Lynne Graham

  1. A Baby on the Greek’s Doorstep
  2. Christmas Babies for the Italian

(The) Marchetti Dynasty by Abby Green

  1. The Maid’s Best Kept Secret
  2. The Innocent Behind the Scandal
  3. Bride Behind the Desert Vail (April 2021)

Royal Christmas Weddings by Caitlin Crews

  1. Christmas in the King’s Bed
  2. His Scandalous Christmas Princess

Stand Alone Titles (at this time)

  • Cinderella’s Christmas Secret by Sharon Kendrick
Harlequin Romance

Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel by multi-authors

  1. Christmas Reunion in Paris by Liz Fielding
  2. Their Royal Baby Gift by Kandy Shepherd
  3. Stolen Kisses with Her Billionaire Boss by Susan Meier

Once Upon A Fairytale by Jennifer Faye

  1. Beauty and Her Boss
  2. Miss White and the Seventh Heir
  3. Fairytale Christmas with the Billionaire

(The) Bartolini Legacy by Jennifer Faye

  1.  The Prince and The Wedding Planner
  2. The CEO, the Puppy and Me
  3. The Italian’s Unexpected Heir

Stand Alone Titles (at this time)

  • Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion by Nina Singh

  • Snowbound At The Mannor by Ellie Darkins
Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Wyoming Nights by Jennifer D. Bokal

  1. Under the Agent’s Protection
  2. Agent’s Mountain Rescue
  3. Agent’s Wyoming Mission (April 2021)

Cowboys of Holiday Ranch by Carla Cassidy

(this is a long, established series – picking up at this point, may go back not certain yet)

  • #10 Cowboy’s Vow to Protect
  • #11 The Cowboy’s Targeted Bride
Harlequin Special Edition

Blackberry Bay by Shannon Stacey

  1. More Than Neighbors (July 2020)
  2. Their Christmas Baby Contract (November 2020)
  3. The Home They Built (Feb. 2021)

(The) Brands of Montana by Joanna Sims

  1. A Baby for Christmas
  2. The One He’s Been Looking For
  3. Marry Me, Mackenzie!
  4. A Match Made in Montana
  5. High Country Christmas
  6. High Country Baby
  7. Meet Me At The Chapel
  8. Thankful for You
  9. A Wedding to Remember
  10. A Bride for Liam Brand
  11. High Country Cowgirl
  12. The Sargeant’s Christmas
  13. Her Second Forever

Home to Oak Hollow by Makenna Lee

  1. A Sheriff’s Star

Sutter Creek, Montana by Laurel Greer

  1. From Exes to Expecting
  2. A Father For Her Child
  3. Holiday by Candlelight
  4. Their Nine-Month Surprise
  5. In-Service of Love

Tillbridge Stables by Nina Crespo

  1. The Cowboy’s Claim
  2. Her Sweet Temptation
  3. The Cowgirl’s Surprise


(The) Cowboys of Cold Creek by RaeAnne Thayne

  1. Starstruck
  2. Light the Stars
  3. Dancing in the Moonlight
  4. Dalton’s Undoing
  5. The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle
  6. A Cold Creek Homecoming
  7. A Cold Creek Holiday
  8. A Cold Creek Secret
  9. A Cold Creek Baby
  10. Christmas in Cold Creek
  11. A Cold Creek Reunion
  12. A Cold Creek Noel
  13. A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise
  14. A Cold Creek Christmas Story
  15. The Christmas Ranch
  16. The Holiday Gift
  17. The Rancher’s Christmas Song

Haven Point by RaeAnne Thayne

*A Haven Point Beginning (prequel)

  1. Snow Angel Cove
  2. Redemption Bay
  3. Evergreen Springs
  4. Riverbend Road
  5. Snowfall on Haven Point
  6. Serenity Harbor
  7. Sugar Pine Trails
  8. The Cottages on Silver Beach
  9. Season of Wonder
  10. Coming Home for Christmas
  11. Summer at Lake Haven