Harlequin Addiction 2023

It’s that time of year again; 2022 is winding down slowly… and the new anticipated releases and series for 2023 are being revealed over at the Harlequin website.  Time for next year’s reading (buying) lists to begin again.

I’m approaching my Harlequin reading a bit differently in 2023.  Oh, I’m not leaving any Harlequin book behind – but the truth is that I have so, so many books from 2022 that I’ve not yet read nor reviewed, and that has to change.  It really does.  Not only for my wallet but to give authors the timely reviews of their books that they deserve.  I plan to only list those books (or books in a series) that I intend to read within their purchase month.  (That means the boldface print books – the normal print tells me what comes next in a series).  I, quite frankly, have to get that backlog of purchased books finally read.  It is my ultimate goal for 2023… will this determination last beyond February — your guess is as good as mine, but I’m going to try. 🙂  And that plan begins with bringing the series that will have releases in 2023 over to this page and getting caught up on the series.

So, onwards to the Harlequin books of 2023!

If you’ve ever wondered what the different “lines” or styles of Romance are offered through the various Harlequin brands, then this page link may help you decide which imprint of Harlequin’s meets your reading style the best.  The brands of Harlequin.

Here’s a tidbit of information:  If you’ve bought the HQD Harlequin Digital titles before, you’ll find them now listed under Canary Street Press.  Yep, I was surprised, too. But life in the publishing world, I guess.

*Note: Harlequin releases titles on the last Tuesday of the month.

Harlequin Desire

Bad Billionaires by Kira Sinclair

  1. The Rebel’s Redemption (October 2020)
  2. The Devil’s Bargain (November 2020)
  3. The Sinner’s Secret (December 2020)
  4. Blame It on Vegas (August 2022)
  5. Big Easy Secrets (March 2023)

Behind the Palace Doors… by Kali A. Anthony

  1. The Marriage that Made Her Queen (September 2022)
  2. Engaged to London’s Wildest Billionaire (March 2023) ARC
  3. Crowned for the King’s Secret (September 2023)

Devil’s Bluff by Stacey Kennedy

  1. Most Eligible Cowboy (December 2022)
  2. Stranded with a Cowboy (June 2023)

Dynasties: Calcott Manor by Joss Wood

  1. Just A Little Jilted (May 2023) (Booksprout ARC)
  2. Their Temporary Arrangement (May 2023) (Booksprout ARC)
  3. The Trouble with Little Secrets (September 2023) (Booksprout ARC)
  4. Keep Your Enemies Close (September 2023)

Hana Trio by Jayci Lee

  1. A Song of Secrets (January 2022)
  2. One Night Only (January 2023)
  3. Just A Few Fake Kisses… (July 2023)

Hartmann Heirs by Katie Frey

  1. How to Catch a Cowboy (January 2023)
  2. Fake Dating, Twin Style (May 2023)
  3. Bad Boy Gone Good (August 2023)

Heirs of Hardwell Ranch by J. Margot Critch

  1. A Rancher’s Reward (August 2022) *booksprout*
  2. Second Chance Rancher (May 2023)
  3. The Wrong Rancher (September 2023)

Heirs of Lochlainn by Susannah Erwin *Duet*

  1. More Than Rivals… (June 2023) *booksprout*
  2. Seven Years of Secrets (June 2023)

High Country Hawkes by Barbara Dunlop

  1. Breakaway Cowboy (March 2023) *booksprout*
  2. From Highrise to High Country (August 2023)

Kingsland Ranch by Joanne Rock

  1. Rodeo Rebel (January 2023)
  2. The Rancher’s Plus-One (May 2023)
  3. Alaskan Blackout (August 2023)

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Diamonds & Dating Apps — multi-author series

  1. Matched by Mistake by Katherine Garbera (August 2023)
  2. The Rancher Meets His Match by J. Margot Critch (August 2023)
  3.  Breaking the Rancher’s Rules by Cat Schield
  4. The Trouble with an Heir by Stacey Kennedy
  5. Under the Same Roof by Niobia Bryant
  6. Keeping a Little Secret by Cynthia St. Aubin

Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding — multi-author series

  1. A Cowboy Kind of Thing by Reese Ryan
  2. Designs on a Rancher by LaQuette
  3. Four Weeks to Forever by Karen Booth  *Booksprout*
  4. Make Believe Match by Joanne Rock  *Booksprout*
  5. Oh So Wrong with Mr. Right by Nadine Gonzalez (June 2023)
  6. The Man She Loves to Hate by Jessica Lemmon (July 2023)

The Carsons of Lone Rock by Maisey Yates

  1. Rancher’s Forgotten Rival (January 2022)
  2. Best Man Rancher (October 2022)
  3. One Night Rancher (February 2023)

The Eddington Heirs by Zuri Day

  1. Inconvenient Attraction (November 2021)
  2. The Nanny Game (July 2022)
  3. Two Rivals, One Bed (November 2022)
  4. A Game of Secrets (January 2023)
  5. The Secret Heir (April 2023)

The Gilbert Curse by Katherine Garbera

  1. One Night Wager (March 2023)
  2. It’s Only Fake ‘Til Midnight (July 2023)
  3. Falling for the Enemy (December 2023)

The Image Project by Katherine Garbera

  1. Billionaire Makeover (December 2022)
  2. The Billionaire Plan (January 2023)
  3. Billionaire Fake Out (February 2023)

The Renaud Brothers by Cynthia St. Aubin

  1. Blue Blood Meets Blue Collar *booksprout*
  2. Trapped with Temptation (June 2023)

Valentine Vineyards by Reese Ryan

  1. A Valentine for Christmas (December 2022)
  2. One Summer of Love (August 2023)
  3. Snowbound Second Chance (August 2023)

Stand-Alone Titles

  • The True Love Experiment by Anne Marsh

Harlequin Heartwarming

A Ranch to Call Home – M.K. Stelmack

  1. A Family for the Rancher (February 2023)

Bachelor Cowboys by Lisa Childs

  1. A Rancher’s Promise (January 2022)
  2. The Cowboy’s Unlikely Match (April 2022)
  3. The Bronc Rider’s Twin Surprise (July 2022)
  4. The Cowboy’s Ranch Rescue (January 2023)
  5. The Firefighter’s Family Secret (July 2023)

Coronado, Arizona by LeAnne Bristow

  1. His Hometown Redemption (May 2022)
  2. Her Hometown Cowboy (September 2023)

Flaming Sky Ranch by Mary Anne Wilson

  1. A Cowboy’s Christmas Joy (December 2022)
  2. A Cowboy’s Summer (June 2023)
  3. Grace and the Cowboy

Love, Oregon by Anna Grace

  1. A Rancher Worth Remembering (January 2023)
  2. The Firefighter’s Rescue (April 2023)
  3. The Cowboy and the Coach (September 2023)
  4. Her Hometown Christmas (November 2023)

Return to Christmas Island by Amie Denman

  1. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (September 2021)
  2. Home for the Holidays (January 2022)
  3. A Merry Little Christmas (February 2023)
  4. Last Summer on Christmas Island (August 2023)
  5. Under the Mistletoe (December 2023)

Rodeo Stars of Violet Ridge by Tanya Agler

  1. Caught by the Cowgirl (May 2023)
  2. Snowbound with the Rodeo Star (November 2023)

Stop The Wedding! by Amy Vastine

  1. A Bridesmaid to Remember (January 2020)
  2. His Brother’s Bride (May 2020)
  3. A Marriage of Inconvenience (April 2021)
  4. The Sheriff’s Valentine (January 2022)
  5. The Christmas Wedding Crashers (December 2022)
  6. His Texas Runaway Bride (August 2023)

The Butternut Amish B&B by Patricia Johns

  1. Her Amish Country Valentine (March 2023) *NetGalley ARC
  2. A Single Dad in Amish Country (July 2023)
  3. A Boy’s Amish Christmas (November 2023)

The Cowboy Academy by Melinda Curtis

  1. A Cowboy Worth Waiting For (April 2023)
  2. A Cowboy’s Fourth of July (July 2023)
  3. A Cowboy Christmas Carol (November 2023)

The Cowgirls of Larkspur Valley by Jeannie Watts

  1. Home with the Rodeo Dad (February 2023)
  2. A Sweet Montana Christmas

The Fortunes of Prospect by Cheryl Harper

  1. The Cowboy Next Door (March 2023)
  2. Her Cowboy’s Promise

The Golden Matchmaker’s Club by Tara Randel

  1. Stealing Her Best Friend’s Heart (August 2021)
  2. Her Christmastime Family (November 2021)
  3. His Small Town Dream (September 2022)
  4. Her Surprise Hometown Match (March 2023)

Truly, Texas by Kit Hawthorne

  1. Hill Country Secret (2020)
  2. Coming Home to Texas (2021)
  3. The Texan’s Secret Son (2021)
  4. Hill Country Promise (2022)
  5. Snowbound with the Rancher (2022)
  6. Her Valentine Cowboy (2023)

Stand Alone title

Harlequin Historical

A Very Village Scandal by Virginia Heath

  1. The Earl’s Inconvenient House Guest (2022)
  2. His Maddening Matchmaker (March 2023)

Cranford Estate Siblings by Helen Dickson

  1. Lord Lancaster Courts a Scandal (March 2023)
  2. Too Scandalous for the Earl (August 2023)

Daring Rogues by Bronwyn Scott

  1. Miss Claiborne’s Illicit Attraction (December 2022)
  2. His Inherited Duchess (February 2023)

Least Likely to Wed by Julia Justiss

  1. A Season of Flirtation (February 2023)
  2. The Wallflower’s Last Chance Season (September 2023)

Matchmade Marriages by Laura Martin

  1. The Marquess Meets His Match (April 2022)
  2. A Pretend Match for the Viscount (September 2022)
  3. A Match to Fool Society (January 2023)


Rebellious Young Ladies by Eva Shepherd

  1. Lady Amelia’s Scandalous Secret (May 2023)
  2. Miss Fairfax’s Notorious Duke (September 2023)
  3. Miss Georgina’s Marriage Dilemma

Those Roguish Rosemonts by Eva Shepherd

  1. A Dance to Save the Debutante (May 2022)
  2. Tempting the Sensible Lady Violet (August 2022)
  3. Falling for the Forbidden Duke (March 2023)

Stand Alone Titles

  • Lord Martin’s Scandalous Bluestocking by Elizabeth Rolls (January 2023)
  • The Wrong Way to Catch a Rake by Lara Temple (January 2023)
  • Marriage Deal with an Earl by Liz Tyner (February 2023)
  • Debutante with a Dangerous Past by Samantha Hastings (September 2023)
  • Betrothed in Haste to the Earl by Liz Tyner (September 2023)

Harlequin Intrigue

A Colt Brothers Investigation by B.J. Daniels

  1. Murder Gone Cold (April 2022)
  2. Sticking to Her Guns (June 2022)
  3. Christmas Ransom (December 2022)
  4. Set Up in the City (April 2023)
  5. Her Brand of Justice (June 2023)
  6. Dead Man’s Hand (October 2023)

A Tennessee Cold Case by Lena Diaz

  1. Murder on Prescott Mountain (February 2022)
  2. Serial Slayer Cold Case (March 2022)
  3. Shrouded in the Smokies (August 2023)
  4. The Secret She Keeps (November 2023)

Arkansas Special Agents by Maggie Wells

  1. Ozarks Missing Person (May 2023)
  2. Ozarks Double Homicide (June 2023)
  3. Ozarks Witness Protection (August 2023)

Covert Cowboy Soldiers by Nicole Helm

  1. The Lost Hart Triplet (October 2022)
  2. Small Town Vanishing (November 2022)
  3. One Night Standoff (March 2023)
  4. Shot in the Dark (April 2023)
  5. Chasing the Copycat (May 2023)
  6. Clandestine Baby (September 2023)

Cowboy State Lawmen by Juno Rushdan

  1. Wyoming Winter Rescue (November 2022)
  2. Wyoming Christmas Stalker (December 2022)
  3. Wyoming Mountain Hostage (May 2023)
  4. Wyoming Mountain Murder (June 2023)
  5. Wyoming Cowboy Undercover (September 2023)
  6. Wyoming Mountain Cold Case (October 2023)

Eagle Mountain Search and Rescue by Cindi Myers

  1. Eagle Mountain Cliffhanger (November 2022)
  2. Canyon Kidnapping (December 2022)
  3. Mountain Terror (January 2023)
  4. Close Call in Colorado (February 2023)

Eagle Mountain: Critical Response by Cindi Myers

  1. Deception at Dixon Pass (September 2023)
  2. Pursuit at Panther Point (October 2023)
  3. Killer on Kestrel Trail (November 2023)
  4. Secrets of Silverpeak Mine (December 2023)

Hawaii CI by R. Barri Flowers

  1. The Big Island Killer (September 2022)
  2. Captured on Kauai (October 2022)
  3. Honolulu Cold Homicide (February 2023)
  4. Danger on Maui (March 2023)

Lookout Mountain Mysteries by Debra Webb

  1. Disappearance in Dread Hollow (July 2023)
  2. Murder at Sunset Rock (August 2023)

San Antonio Security by Janie Crouch

  1. Texas Bodyguard: Luke (March 2023)
  2. Texas Bodyguard: Brax (April 2023)
  3. Texas Bodyguard: Weston (August 2023)
  4. Texas Bodyguard: Chance (September 2023)

Secure One by Katie Mettner

  1. Going Rogue in Red Rye County (March 2023)

Silver Creek Lawmen: Second Generation by Delores Fossen

  1. Targeted in Silver Creek (July 2023)
  2. Maverick Detective Dad (August 2023)
  3. Last Seen in Silver Creek (September 2023)
  4. Marked For Revenge (October 2023)

South Beach Security by Caridad Piñeiro

  1. Lost in Little Havana (December 2022)
  2. Brickell Avenue Ambush (January 2023)
  3. Biscayne Bay Beach (February 2023)

The Cowboys of Cider Creek by Barb Han

  1. Rescued by the Rancher (April 2023)
  2. Riding Shotgun (May 2023)
  3. Trapped in Texas (June 2023)
  4. Texas Scandal (October 2023)
  5. Trouble in Texas (November 2023)
  6. Murder in Texas (December 2023)

The Law in Lubbock County by Delores Fossen

  1. Sheriff in the Saddle (July 2022)
  2. Maverick Justice (August 2022)
  3. Lawman to the Core (January 2023)
  4. Spurred to Justice (February 2023)

The Lost Girls by Carol Erickson

  1. Canyon Crime Scene (July 2022)
  2. Lakeside Mystery (August 2022)
  3. Dockside Danger (January 2023)
  4. Malice at the Marina (February 2023)

Stand Alone Titles

  • Shallow Grave by Cassie Miles
  • French Quarters Fatale by Joanna Wayne
  • Digging Deeper by Amanda Stevens (August 2023)
  • K-9 Hunter by Cassie Miles (August 2023)
  • High Mountain Terror by Janice Kay Johnson (September 2023)

Harlequin Medical Romance

Amazon River Vets by Luana DaRosa (duet)

  1. The Vet’s Convenient Bride (September 2023)
  2. The Secret She Kept from Dr. Delgado (September 2023)

Stand Alone Title

  • The Vet, The Pup, and The Paramedic by Tina Beckett

Harlequin Presents

Behind the Palace Doors by Kali Anthony

  1. The Marriage That Made Her Queen (October 2022)
  2. Engaged to London’s Wildest Billionaire (April 2023)
  3. Crowned for the King’s Secret

Billion Dollar Fairy Tales by Tara Pammi

  1. Marriage with Her Brazilian Boss (February 2023)
  2. The Reason for His Wife’s Return (July 2023)
  3. An Innocent’s Deal with the Devil

Billionaires of the Outback by Kelly Hunter

  1. Cinderella and the Outback Billionaire (June 2023)

Brothers of the Desert by Maya Blake

  1. Their Desert Night of Scandal (October 2022)
  2. His Pregnant Desert Queen (January 2023)

Capetown Tycoons by Joss Wood

  1. The Nights She Spent with the CEO (March 2023)
  2. The Baby Behind Their Marriage Merger (June 2023)

Cinderella Sisters for Billionaires by Lynne Graham

  1. The Maid Married to the Billionaire (August 2023)
  2. The Maid’s Pregnancy Bombshell (December 2023)

From Destitute to Diamonds by Millie Adams

  1. The Billionaire’s Accidental Legacy (August 2023)
  2. The Christmas the Greek Claimed Her (November 2023)

Heirs to a Greek Empire by Lucy King

  1. Virgin’s Night with the Greek (May 2023)

Heirs to the Romano Empire by Carol Marinelli

  1. His Innocent for One Spanish Night (April 2023)
  2. Midnight Surrender to the Spaniard (July 2023)
  3. Virgin’s Stolen Nights with the Boss (November 2023)

Innocent Royal Runaways by Natalie Anderson

  1. Impossible Heir for the King (August 2023)
  2. Back to Claim His Crown (September 2023)

Innocent Stolen Brides by Caitlin Crews

  1. The Desert King’s Kidnapped Virgin (September 2023)
  2. The Spaniard’s Last-Minute Wife (October 2023)

Scandalous Royal Weddings by Michelle Smart

  1. Crowning His Kidnapped Princess (August 2022)
  2. Pregnant Innocent Behind the Veil (October 2022)
  3. Rules of Their Royal Wedding Night (January 2023)

Secrets of the Kalyva Crown by Lorraine Hall

  1. Hired for His Royal Revenge (May 2023)
  2. Pregnant at the Palace Altar (July 2023)

The Long-Lost Cortez Brothers by Clare Connelly

  1. The Secret She Must Tell the Spaniard (March 2023)
  2. The Desert King’s Forbidden Temptation (June 2023)

The Outrageous Accardi Brothers by Caitlin Crews

  1. The Christmas He Claimed the Secretary (December 2022)
  2. The Accidental Accardi Heir (January 2023)

The Royal Desert Legacy by Maisey Yates

  1. Forbidden to the Desert Prince (December 2022)

The Secret Twin Sisters by Kim Lawrence

  1. The Prince’s Forbidden Cinderella (March 2023)
  2. Her Forbidden Awakening in Greece (September 2023)

Three Ruthless Kings by Jackie Ashenden

  1. Wed for Their Heir (March 2023)
  2. Her Vow to be His Desert Queen (July 2023)
  3. Pregnant with Her Royal Boss’s Baby (October 2023)

Weddings Worth Billions – by Melanie Milburne

  1. Cinderella’s Invitation to Greece (May 2022)
  2. Nine Months After That Night (October 2022)
  3. Forbidden Until Their Snowbound Night (February 2023)

Stand-Alone Title

  • A Baby Scandal in Italy by Chantelle Shaw (January 2023)
  • The Cost of Cinderella’s Confession by Julia James (January 2023)
  • The Italian’s Bride Worth Billions by Lynne Graham (January 2023)
  • The Wife the Spaniard Never Forgot by Pippa Roscoe (January 2023)
  • A Vow to Set the Virgin Free by Millie Adams (February 2023)
  • Cinderella Hired for His Revenge by Emmy Grayson (February 2023)
  • Innocent Maid for the Greek by Sharon Kendrick (February 2023)
  • The Prince’s Royal Wedding Demand by Lorraine Hall (February 2023)
  • Reunited by the Greek’s Baby by Annie West (March 2023)
  • The Boss’s Stolen Bride by Natalie Anderson (March 2023)
  • A Secret Heir to Secure His Throne by Caitlin Crews (April 2023)
  • Reclaimed By His Billion-Dollar Ring by Julia James (April 2023)
  • Returning For His Ruthless Revenge by Louise Fuller (April 2023)
  • The Baby the Desert King Must Claim by Lynne Graham (April 2023)
  • The Greek’s Forgotten Marriage by Maya Blake (April 2023)
  • The Housekeeper and the Brooding Billionaire by Annie West (May 2023)
  • What Her Sicilian Husband Desires by Caitlin Crews (June 2023)
  • Back to Claim His Italian Heir by Kate Hewitt (July 2023)
  • Her Diamond Deal with the CEO by Louise Fuller (July 2023)
  • A Ring to Claim Her Crown by Amanda Cinelli (August 2023)
  • Awakened on Her Royal Wedding Night by Dani Collins (August 2023)
  • His Housekeeper’s Twin Baby Confession by Abby Green (August 2023)
  • The Boss’s Forbidden Assistant by Clare Connelly (August 2023)
  • Unveiled as the Italian’s Bride by Cathy Williams (August 2023)
  • A Son Hidden from the Sicilian by Lorraine Hall (September 2023)
  • DEBUT AUTHOR: Her Convenient Vow to the Billionaire by Jane Holland (September 2023)
  • Innocent’s Wedding Day with the Italian by Michelle Smart (September 2023)
  • The Housekeeper’s One-Night Baby by Sharon Kendrick (September 2023)
  • Their Diamond Ring Ruse by Bella Mason (September 2023)

Harlequin Romance

Stand Alone (Solo) Title

  • Pregnant Princess at the Altar by Kairn Bane (August 2023)

Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Big Sky Justice by Kimberly Van Meter

  1. Danger in Big Sky Country (December 2022) (Booksprout ARC)
  2. Her K-9 Protector (March 2023)

Cameron Glen by Beth Cornelison

  1. Mountain Retreat Murder (April 2022)
  2. Kidnapping in Cameron Glen (July 2022)
  3. Cameron Mountain Rescue (June 2023)
  4. Protecting His Cameron Baby (August 2023)

Coltons of Colorado (multi-author continuity series)

  1. Colton’s Pursuit of Justicby Marie Ferrarella (2022)
  2. Snowed In With a Colton by Lisa Childs (2022)
  3. Colton’s Dangerous Reunion by Justine Davis (2022)
  4. Stalking Colton’s Family by Geri Krotow (2022)
  5. Undercover Colton by Addison Fox (2022)
  6. Colton Countdown by Tara Taylor Quinn (June 2022)
  7. Colton’s Secret Sabotage by Deborah Fletcher Mello (July 2022)
  8. Colton’s Baby Motive by Lara Lancombe (September 2022)
  9. Colton’s Rogue Investigation by Jennifer D. Bokal (October 2022)
  10. Shielding Colton’s Witness by Linda O. Johnston (November 2022)
  11. To Trust a Colton Cowboy by Dana Nussio (December 2022)
  12. Colton’s Ultimate Test by Beth Cornelison (January 2023)

Coltons of New York (multi-author continuity series)

  1. Colton’s Unusual Suspect by Marie Ferrarella (January 2023)
  2. Protecting Colton’s Baby by Tara Taylor Quinn (February 2023)
  3. Colton’s Body of Proof by Karen Whiddon (March 2023)
  4. Colton’s Undercover Seduction by Beth Cornelison (April 2023)
  5. Agent Colton’s Secret Investigation by Dana Nussio (May 2023)
  6. Under Colton’s Watch by Addison Fox (June 2023)
  7. Colton’s Deadly Affair by Jennifer D. Bokal (July 2023)
  8. Chasing a Colton Killer by Deborah Fletcher Mello (August 2023)
  9. Protecting Colton’s Secret Daughters by Lisa Childs (September 2023)
  10. Colton’s Montana Hideaway by Justine Davis (October 2023)
  11. CSI Colton and the Witness by Linda O. Johnston (November 2023)

Fuego, New Mexico by Amber Leigh Williams

  1. Coldero Ridge Cowboy (June 2023)

Honor Bound by Anna J. Stewart

  1. More Than a Lawman (November 2016)
  2. Reunited with the P.I. (May 2017)
  3. Gone in the Night (October 2017)
  4. Guarding His Midnight Witness (October 2020)
  5. Prison Break Hostage (January 2022)
  6. The P.I.’s Deadly Charade (February 2023)
  7. Deadly Vegas Escapade (October 2023)

Lost Legacy by Colleen Thompson

  1. Danger at Clearwater Crossing (March 2022)
  2. Ambush at Heartbreak Ridge (July 2022)
  3. Secrets of Lost Hope Canyon (July 2023)

Midnight Pass, Texas by Addison Fox

  1. The Cowboy’s Deadly Mission (August 2018)
  2. Special Ops Cowboy (March 2019)
  3. Under the Rancher’s Protection (October 2021)
  4. Undercover K-9 (February 2022)
  5. Her Texas Lawman (February 2023)

New York Harbor Patrol by Addison Fox

  1. Danger in the DepthsDanger in the Depths by Addison Fox (August 2023)

Scarecrow Murders by Carla Cassidy

  1. Killer in the Heartland (November 2022)
  2. Guarding a Forbidden Love (February 2023)
  3. The Cowboy Next Door (October 2023)

Shelter of Secrets by Linda O. Johnston

  1. Her Undercover Refuge (August 2021)
  2. Guardian K-9 on Call (May 2022)
  3. Undercover Cowboy Defender (March 2023)


Texas Law by Jennifer D. Bokal

  1. Texas Law: Undercover Justice (December 2022)
  2. Texas Law: Serial Manhunt (September 2023)
  3. Texas Law: Lethal Encounter (February 2023)

The Sorority Detectives by Deborah Fletcher Mello

  1. Playing with Danger (July 2023)

Stand Alone Title

  • Booked to Kill by Danielle M. Haas (January 2023)
  • Missing in Texas by Karen Whiddon (September 2023)

Harlequin Special Edition

Amish Country Matches by Patricia Johns

  1. The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma (September 2022)

Charming, Texas by Heatherly Bell

  1. Winning Mr. Charming
  2. The Charming Checklist
  3. A Charming Christmas Arrangement (September 2022)
  4. A Charming Single Dad (May 2023)
  5. A Charming Doorstep Baby (September 2023)
  6. Once Upon a Charming Bookshop (December 2023)


Dawson Family Ranch by Melissa Senate

  1. For the Twins’ Sake
  2. Wyoming Special Delivery
  3. A Family for a Week
  4. The Long-Awaited Christmas Wish
  5. Wyoming Cinderella
  6. Wyoming Matchmaker
  7. His Baby, No Matter What
  8. Heir to the Ranch (April 2022)
  9. Santa’s Twin Surprise (November 2022)
  10. The Cowboy’s Mistaken Identity (February 2023)
  11.  Seven Birthday Wishes (July 2023)
  12. Snowbound with a Baby (September 2023)
  13. Triplets Under the Tree

Fortunes of Texas: Hitting the Jackpot — multi-author series

  1. A Fortune’s Windfall by Michelle Major (January 2023)
  2. Fortune’s Dream House by Nina Crespo (February 2023)
  3. Winning Her Fortune by Heatherly Bell (March 2023)
  4. Fortune’s Fatherhood Dare by Makenna Lee (April 2023)
  5. Fortune’s Runaway Bride by Allison Leigh (May 2023)
  6. Self-Made Fortune by Judy Duarte (June 2023)

Gallant Lake by Jo McNally

  1. A Man You Can Trust (September 2019)
  2. It Started At Christmas (December 2019)
  3. Her Homecoming Wish (February 2020)
  4. Changing His Plans (September 2020)
  5. Her Mountainside Haven (February 2021)
  6. Second-Chance Summer (May 2022)
  7. Expecting His Holiday Surprise (December 2022)
  8. Skyscrapers to Greener Pastures (June 2023)

Heart & Soul by Synithia Williams

  1. Summoning Up Love (May 2022)
  2. The Spirit of Second Chances (September 2022)
  3. Counterfeit Courtship (December 2022)

Love in the Valley by Michelle Dunaway

  1. What Happens in the Air (February 2023)
  2. All’s Fair in Love and Wine (April 2023)
  3. Love’s Secret Ingredient (June 2023)

Love Unveiled by Terri Wilson

  1. Her Man of Honor (April 2023)
  2. Faking a Fairy Tale (September 2023)
  3. Marry & Bright (November 2023)

Montana Mavericks — Lassoing Love (Multi-Author Series)

  1. The Maverick’s Surprise Son by Christine Rimmer (July 2023)
  2. A Maverick Reborn by Melissa Senate (August 2023)
  3. A Maverick for Her Mom by Stella Bagwell (September 2023)
  4. Falling for Dr. Maverick by Kathy Douglass
  5. The Maverick’s Holiday Delivery by Christy Jeffries
  6. A Maverick’s Holiday Homecoming by Brenda Harlen

Seasons in Sudbury by Elizabeth Bevarly

  1. Heir in a Year (July 2023)

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers by Michelle Lindo-Rice

  1. Rivals at Love Creek (July 2022)
  2. Cinderella’s Last Stand (September 2022)

Sisterhood of Chocolate & Wine by Anna James

  1. A Taste of Home (June 2023)

Sisters of Christmas Bay by Kaylie Newell

  1. Their Sweet Coastal Reunion (January 2023)
  2. Their All-Star Summer (June 2023)
  3. Their Christmas Resolution

Sutton’s Place by Shannon Stacey

  1. Her Hometown Man (January 2022)
  2. An Unexpected Cowboy (April 2022)
  3. Expecting Her Ex’s Baby (August 2022)
  4. Falling for His Fake Girlfriend (January 2023)

The MacFaddens of Tinsley Cove by Nancy Robards Thompson

  1. Selling Sandcastle (February 2023)

 The Tuttle Sisters of Coho Cove by Sabrina York

  1. The Soldier’s Refuge (June 2023)

Stand Alone Titles

  • Meeting His Secret Daughter by Marie Ferrarella (Forever, Texas #24) (April 2023)
  • Her Not So Little Secret by Brenda Harlen (Match Made in Haven #14 (July 2023)
  • Her Outback Rancher by Joanna Sims (The Brands of Montana #13) (September 2023)
  • His Unlikely Homecoming by Carrie Nicols  (Small-Town Homecomings–Mini-series #8)


Harlequin Special Releases

HQN (or Harlequin Digital)

AKA Canary Street Press (for some)

A Powder Rover Novel by B J Daniels

  1. Dark Side of the River (August 2023)
  2. River Strong (December 2023)

Four Corners Ranch by Maisey Yates

  • #.5 — Her First Christmas Cowboy
  • #1 — Unbridled Cowboy
  • #1.5 — The Cowboy She Loves to Hate
  • #2 — Merry Christmas Cowboy
  • #2.5 — Her Cowboy Prince Charming
  • #3 — Cowboy Wild (Feb. 2023)
  • #3.5 — Her Wayward Cowboy (Jan. 2023)
  • #4 —The Rough Rider (July 2023)
  • #5 — Holiday Heartbreaker (October 2023)
  • #6 — The Troublemaker (December 2023)

Last Ride, Texas by Delores Fossen

  1. Spring at Saddle Run (May 2021)
  2. Christmas at Colt’s Creek (October 2021)
  3. Summer at Stallion Ridge (March 2022)
  4. Mornings at River’s End Ranch (November 2022)
  5. Second Chance at Silver Springs (September 2022)
  6. Breaking Rules at Nightfall Ranch (February 2023)
  7. A Texas Kind of Cowboy (March 2023)
  8. Tempted at Thoroughbred Ranch (May 2023)
  9. Twilight at Wild Springs (July 2023)

The McKenzies of Ridge Trail by Lori Foster

  1. No Holding Back (February 2021)
  2. Stronger Than You Know (September 2021)
  3. Watching Over You (January 2022)

(Harlequin) Love Inspired

Amish Country Matches by Patricia Johns

  1. The Amish Matchmaking Dilemma (September 2022)

Indiana Amish Market by Vannetta Chapman

  1. An Amish Proposal for Christmas (October 2022)
  2. Her Amish Adversary (February 2023)

K-9 Companions — multi-author series

  1. Their Unbreakable Bond by Deb Kastner (January 2022)
  2. Finding Her Way Back by Lisa Carter (February 2022)
  3. The Veteran’s Vow by Jill Lynn (March 2022)
  4. Her Easter Prayer by Lee Tobin McClain (April 2022)
  5. Earning Her Trust by Brenda Minton (May 2022)
  6. Guarding His Secret by Jill Kemerer (June 2022)
  7. An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh (July 2022)
  8. The Cowboy’s Journey Home by Linda Goodnight (August 2022)
  9. A Reason to Stay by Deb Kastner (August 2022)
  10. The Veteran’s Holiday Home by Lee Tobin McClain (October 2022)
  11. An Alaskan Christmas Promise by Belle Calhoune (December 2022)
  12. A Steadfast Companion by Myra Johnson (March 2023)
  13. The Rancher’s Sanctuary by Linda Goodnight
  14. A Friend to Trust by Lee Tobin McClain
  15. Her Alaskan Companion by Heidi McCahan
  16. A Companion for Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain

Second Chance Blessings by Jenna Mindel

  1. A Secret Christmas Family (December 2022)
  2. The Nanny Next Door (May 2023)

Seven Amish Sisters by Emma Miller 

  1. Her Surprise Christmas Courtship (October 2022)
  2. Falling for the Amish Bad Boy (March 2023)

Shepherd’s Creek by Danica Favorite

  1. Journey to Forgiveness (October 2022)
  2. The Bronc Rider’s Twins (March 2023)
  3. A Cowboy for the Summer (July 2023)

Stand Alone Titles

  • Reclaiming the Rancher’s Heart by Lisa Carter (2023)
  • Framing the Marshal by Sharee Stover (January 2023)
  • Her Forgotten Life by Maggie K. Black (January 2023)
  • Plain Threats by Alison Stone (January 2023)
  • Retribution at the Ranch by Lenora Worth (January 2023)

(Harlequin) Love Inspired Suspense

Deputies of Anderson County by Sami A. Abrams

  1. Buried Cold Case (December 2021)
  2. Twin Murder Mix-Up (September 2022)
  3. Detecting Secrets (March 2023)
  4. Killer Christmas Evidence (November 2023)

K-9 Search and Rescue (Multi-Authors)

  1. Desert Rescue by Lisa Phillips (January 2021)
  2. Trailing A Killer by Carol J. Post (February 2021)
  3. Mountain Survival by Christy Barritt (March 2021)
  4. Search and Defend by Heather Woodhaven (January 2022)
  5. Following the Trail by Lynette Eason (February 2022)
  6. Dangerous Mountain by Christy Barritt (March 2022)
  7. Wilderness Hunt by Lisa Phillips (January 2023)
  8. Alaskan Mountain Search by Sarah Varland (March 2023)
  9. Alaskan Avalanche Escape by Darlene L. Turner

Pacific Northwest K-9 Unit (Multi-Authors)

  1. Shielding the Baby by Laura Scott (April 2023)
  2. Scent of Truth by Valerie Hansen (May 2023)
  3. Explosive Trail by Terri Reed (June 2023)
  4. Olympic Mountain Pursuit by Jodie Bailey (July 2023)
  5. Threat Detection by Sharon Dunn (August 2023)
  6. Cold Case Revenge by Jessica R. Patch (September 2023)
  7. Undercover Operation by Maggie K. Black (October 2023)
  8. Snowbound Escape by Dana Mentink (November 2023)

Quantico Profilers by Jessica R. Patch

  1. Texas Cold Case Threat (March 2022
  2. Cold Case Killer Profile (June 2022)
  3. Texas Smoke Screen (January 2023)

Harlequin Special Releases