Her Deal with the Greek Devil by Caitlin Crews

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The playboy’s proposition:
Too enticing to ignore…

Constantine Skalas may seem idle and arrogant, but he hides a razor-sharp need for vengeance against the Payne family. The key? His former stepsister, Molly, who’s blossomed from an ugly duckling into a gorgeous supermodel. Constantine will offer her a perfectly outrageous proposition…

Virgin Molly knows the danger of walking into a powerful man’s den. Yet only a deal with the devil himself will save her beloved mother from bankruptcy. Constantine has always been sinfully seductive, but now, bound by their pact, Molly burns for him. And there’s no going back…

Titles in the Rich, Ruthless & Greek duet include — The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden — Her Deal with the Greek Devil

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.


Title:  Her Deal with the Greek Devil
Series:  Rich, Ruthless & Greek #2 (Harlequin Duet)
Author:  Caitlin Crews
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  April 27, 2021
Rating:  4 stars

I am, quite frankly, so very torn on my reactions to Her Deal with the Greek Devil.  Constantine is so over-the-top revenge-driven over something that he blamed the wrong people for, came close to destroying someone whose biggest crime was loving unwisely, and set forth a carefully executed plan of vengeance that took years, lots of money, and time for all the wrong reasons.  Which, in the end, all came back to bite him most uncomfortably.

If Balthazar was cold and calculating in The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden, then Constantine ran hot with heated emotions that boiled for years before finally coming to a head.  Constantine came uncomfortably close to borderline abuse, in my opinion, toward not only Molly but Isabel, her mother who had simply fallen in love with his no-good father and tried to be a friend to her two young stepsons.

It was sad and unfortunate what happened to his mother, yet that was, in so many ways, her own choice once she was no longer married to the brothers’ father.  The only person to blame for the situation was their father, and while his abuse was well known, he was the man who had shaped his sons in their mindsets.  Something that took Constantine so very long to realize – and he had to have an eye-opening experience, and trust in his own emotions before he could admit to the truth.

I adored Molly.  Her inner strength is amazing.  What Constantine put her through was beyond belief… yet, she loved him, had always loved him, and he had betrayed, used, and almost destroyed her with his need for vengeance over something that was simply human nature with the wrong people punished for someone else’s actions.

This isn’t the way I’d normally write up a review.  This story struck hard at my emotions.  Watching Constantine put forth his calculated plan was painful because there was always just a hint of the man he could have been in almost every action with Molly.  He had his shining, discovery moment.  Molly had her chance to enact just as much pain on him as he had on her but love won out.

Her Deal with the Greek Devil wasn’t a comfortable story to read… but it was compelling in so many ways as well.  The ten years later epilogue made all the difference in my ultimate reaction to the Rich, Ruthless & Greek duet.  Would I recommend this duet?  Oh, yes.  A story couldn’t have affected me this strongly if it wasn’t really good at the core.  Simply know going in that you will be feeling a lot of emotions in Molly and Constantine’s story, at times, not very comfortable emotions but real nonetheless.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in paperback and for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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