Her One Night Proposal by Katherine Garbera

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The perfect wedding date…

but at what cost?

She’s about to get way more than she bargained for…Iris Collins needs a wedding date, fast. And the billionaire who saved her from public shaming is the best candidate yet.

She’ll invest in Zac Bisset’s yacht-racing team in exchange for four days in paradise. After all, Zac is adventurous, sexy…perfect for a straitlaced heiress to show off on her arm.

Until they land in her bed. Now their real connection—and the backlash of a family scandal—threatens their perfect facade…

Her One Night Proposal is part of the One Night mini-series and those titles include — One Night with His Ex – One Night, Two Secrets – One Night to Risk It All – Her One Night Proposal

… but.

It is also the real beginning of the Destination Wedding series and those titles include — (Her One Night Proposal) -The Wedding Dare – The One From The Wedding – Secrets of a Wedding Crasher –

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Her One Night Proposal
Series:  One Night mini-series / prelude to Destination Wedding
Author:  Katherine Garbera
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

If you’ve read Katherine Garbera’s Destination Wedding series and keep hearing (reading) about the oops moment that Zac impulsively ousted how their relationship began but haven’t found Iris and Zac’s story within that series… here’s your answer.  Her One Night Proposal is part of the One Night mini-series, and, in my opinion, the first book of the Destination Wedding series for it lays the foundation for the family scandals that are about to be revealed in the Bisset family… but I’ve not found it listed as the first story anywhere, it might be that I just haven’t run across it listed that way anywhere.  But if you’re looking for that connection… there ya go.

I was quickly drawn into Her One Night Proposal as Iris is dumped (thankfully because the ex is a jerk) right before a huge wedding event that she’s taking part in.  Now she’s without a date, and as a popular influencer for her brand, she really needs a date for this wedding.  Her sister will jokingly suggest that she simply buy one, and pay some random guy to spend time with her with no strings no regrets just business.  And while Iris scoffs at that particular idea, well, it seems fate has her falling into the man who is perfect for the job.

Zac is reluctantly back home for his cousin’s wedding, and to gather up funding/investors for his own American Cup team.  Sure he could ask his wealthy family to sponsor him, but Zac doesn’t like the strings that would come attached.  No, he’ll work something out.  As a lovely woman stumbles and falls into him at a restaurant, Zac will save her from a serious tumble… and perhaps agree to her rather outrageous request.  Four days as her date/boyfriend at an upcoming wedding in exchange for investing in his bid for his own team.

What Iris doesn’t know is that the bride is Zac’s cousin… and this easy-to-solve wedding date is going to get very complicated.

Her One Night Proposal is full of twists, surprises, and more than a few potential scandals brewing.  There is world-building to an extent that I expected but it’s not an information dump but scattered, naturally, throughout the dialogue and narrative.  Zac and Iris’ story sets the foundation for a series that I, frankly, expected sooner… but then the world went crazy in a pandemic so I wasn’t really surprised to not find the series that this one seemed to be starting until about two years later.  It’s well-written (which I expect from this author-no surprise there), intriguing on several levels, the couple has sizzling chemistry from the start, and the hints at scandals of the past (and the present) kept my imagination on high alert throughout this story.

I had fun here, and loved both Zac and Iris… definitely wanted to sit them down for a stern conversation a few times though.  We’ll meet several family members who will have their stories told in the Destination Wedding series.  And, oh, those scandalous secrets are about to impact several lives.  If you love a good, solid romance with secrets then you’ll want to pick up Her One Night Proposal soon.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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