Journey to Forgiveness by Danica Favorite

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The one place she wants to avoid…

is the home she needs to save.

Josie Shepherd never expected to inherit her estranged father’s horse stables—not after fifteen years of painful silence.

But keeping the failing business is the only way to protect her hometown from developers, even if it means partnering with Brady King—the man who once broke her heart. 

Saving the property won’t be easy…but could forgiveness be the key to reopening their hearts?

Titles in the Shepherd’s Creek series include — Journey to Forgiveness —♥— The Bronc Rider’s Twins —♥—

This is a romance that includes no swearing, no violence, and no sexual content (beyond a few light kisses).

Title:  Journey to Forgiveness
Series:  Shepherd’s Creek #1
Author:  Danica Favorite
Genre:  Modern Western Romance, Inspirational Romance
Published:  September 27, 2022
Publisher:  Love Inspired (Harlequin)
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Journey to Forgiveness begins the Shepherd’s Creek series with a difficult subject for many people… forgiveness.  It doesn’t matter what your belief system might be, at some point in our lives forgiveness is going to play a part in our lives.  And it’s going to take up a huge part of Josie’s and Brady’s lives when Josie returns home after fifteen years to inherit property from her father that she never wanted and hopes to get rid of as quickly as possible.  Only, the reality of her former home, the community she grew up in is far different from when she left to build her life far from the stables.  Now they need the business these stables, this property brought in as a livelihood for so many people including the man who broke her heart long ago with a betrayal she has no intention of ever forgiving.  She could walk away keeping her anger close to her heart.  Or she could stay, try to find a solution, and perhaps forgiveness for those who have hurt her down to her soul.  It’s a choice – and a difficult one until she slowly begins to see another side to past events with fifteen years of maturity behind her.

Pain-filled and hopeful are the two words that come to mind when trying to describe Journey to Forgiveness.  There is so much pain for Josie in being back home, and for Brady as well.  And to talk much more about this story would involve spoilers which I try not to do.  Watching Josie’s journey through this story is full of so many emotions, hoping that she’ll begin to see situations with new eyes, afraid that too much hurt will make that impossible for her.  I’ll admit that there were moments of anger while reading this one, it’s really difficult to not get emotionally invested in their lives.  I loved watching the changes in many of the characters, seeing their past actions through fresh eyes.  There are a few surprises (well I had guessed but wasn’t sure) along the way, some rebuilding of relationships, and eventually forgiveness.

If you love a faith-based romance with real people facing life’s challenges, watching a community gather around a returning member, and a couple who do really belong together find their way back… then Journey to Forgiveness is perfect for you.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in print or for your favorite e-reader


2 responses to “Journey to Forgiveness by Danica Favorite

  1. Wow, thank you so much for this great review! You are absolutely right about the need for everyone, regardless of faith, to find forgiveness in their lives. That’s really what I was hoping to get across when I wrote this, so I’m so pleased to see that I hit the right note!

    • It was so easy to fall into Josie and Brady’s lives. And to hurt for them as well. Journey to Forgiveness is not a comfortable story, but it is one that so many people should be reading – perhaps to get a different fictional perspective on their own forgiving ways. I enjoyed myself so much in this world so thank you for a great story.

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