K-9 Cold Case by Elizabeth Heiter

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Two bombs in six days…

And the culprit isn’t finished.

With the help of his K-9 companion, Patches, FBI victim specialist Jax Diallo vows to help police chief Keara Hernandez solve the attacks rocking their Alaskan community.

Evidence suggests the crimes are connected to her husband’s long-unsolved murder. And the strikes are becoming more personal.

When dodging bullets becomes a daily event, Jax risks everything to keep his beautiful new partner from meeting a violent end…

Titles in the K-9 Alaska series include – K-9 Defense – Alaska Mountain Rescue –  K-9 Cold Case – K-9 Hideout –



Title:  K-9 Cold Case
Series:  K-9 Alaska #3
Author:  Elizabeth Heiter
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  April 1, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

The K-9 Alaska series continues with the third title, K-9 Cold Case.  We’ve met Keara Hernandez before as the police chief of this tiny, tiny town she’s played a slight part in the previous stories, especially in Alaska Mountain Rescue.  Now it’s time for Keara’s story to be told, and it’s intense.

It’s said that people come to Alaska to escape, to get off the grid, to enjoy the survival mode that anyone living in this beautiful but deadly state needs to have a mindset for – and most of those folks are good guys just wanting to leave their past behind to make a new start, but there will always be the villains who are hiding from the consequences of their actions.  Keara came to Alaska, to take the police chief position in Desparre as a way of escaping the memories she’d hoped to leave behind in Houston, Texas – mainly the murder of her husband, the unsolved now cold case murder that still haunts her to this day.

A seemingly random bombing will lead the way to questions that take an odd track, right back to Houston and her husband’s murder.  The past has finally caught up to the present day… but there’s more at stake than just Keara’s future this time.  One stubborn, dedicated man and his talented, loving therapy dog have wound themselves up in her future, now she just has to take a stand to make that possible future for Jax and Patches as well.

K-9 Cold Case is a gripping, intense, action-packed story that kept me on edge throughout.  The romance, the attraction between Keara and Jax was well-played, there from the beginning and slowly, steadily growing.  Yet, it was the current bombing case and the possible connection to Keara’s murdered husband’s cold case that fed their story.  The writing is smooth and well done as I always expect from this author, the plot was tight with a few twists along the way.  I fell in love with one adorable and talented pup, Patches.  She often seemed to save the day for her humans.  I enjoyed returning to this world once again.  And now I’m waiting for Tate’s story that’s up next… yeah, from the hints, I really want to know more about Tate.

I own a Kindle edition of K-9 Cold Case.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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