K-9 Hideout by Elizabeth Heiter

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Dirty cops, hidden identities, and a deadly stalker…

Police handler Tate Emory is thankful that Sabrina Jones saved his trusty K-9 companion, Sitka, but he didn’t sign up for national media exposure.

That publicity unveils his true identity to the dirty Boston cops he took down…and brings Sabrina’s murderous stalker even closer to his target.

With their covers blown, Tate will risk his life—and his guarded heart—to save Sabrina from a fatal end.

Titles in the K-9 Alaska series include – K-9 Defense – Alaska Mountain Rescue –  K-9 Cold Case – K-9 Hideout

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.


Title:  K-9 Hideout
Series:  K-9 Alaska #4
Author:  Elizabeth Heiter
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  June 29, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

K-9 Hideout is the fourth title in the K-9 Alaska series and brings us a unique couple facing danger on all sides… plus a brave, adorable police dog, Sitka (who stole scenes constantly).  I’ve loved this series and Tate with Sabrina was no exception to that enjoyment.  Two stubborn people for their own viable reasons, but when the attraction that’s always been in the background sparks under these circumstances they are about to face danger and their future together.

Through some parts of the previous stories, we’ve always known that Tate isn’t exactly what he seems… a rookie.  Now that fact comes to the forefront as we watch a man who has changed his entire life in order to protect his family from bad cops step up to face them once again and this time take them down for good.  Sabrina has a stalker, one who follows her no matter how well she believes she’s hidden herself this time.  That stalker has made their move, and this time Sabrina isn’t running, this time she’s going to fight for the right to live her own life on her terms no matter the risks, and they are many.

K-9 Hideout is intense and believable (except for one small detail that I questioned but… ) and definitely filled with action-packed moments, dangerous villains on both sides, and growing love between two people who have drawn that line in the sand saying “No more, this stops now”.  I have to admit that although I loved Sabrina and Tate together, it was Sitka who really stole my heart in this story.  What an amazing dog, protector, and playful pup all rolled up in one gorgeous package.  Because this is a Romantic Suspense I don’t want to get into many details beyond saying that I enjoyed putting the puzzle pieces together, sometimes I was right, other times not at all.  The romance between Tate and Sabrina wasn’t the main focus which made the situation they were in all the more believable.  An intriguing combination of romance and suspense that kept me flipping pages from start to finish.  If you love a good romance and a puzzle to fit together, then you’d enjoy K-9 Hideout.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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