Love and Secrets by Kit Morgan

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Holly’s Must-Haves for Match Making:

Good fashion sense

An eye for detail

People skills

A handsome man … er, make that a willing one …

Fashionista Holly Kupiec didn’t have time for love. For one, she was too busy creating romance for everyone else so they could find their Happily Ever After.

As a matter of fact, she just attended her friends John and Crystal’s wedding. Now, who was she going to match up?

But little did Holly know that someone had their eye on her. And Zane Brody definitely had romance on his mind.

But would his past haunt him and ruin any chance he might have with the beautiful Holly? Would his secret force him to leave Clear Creek? 

Series – Love Comes to Clear Creek = #1 Love and Secrets

This is a clean, sweet romance that should offend no one giving the reader a very romantic reading experience.

Title:  Love and Secrets
Series:  Love Comes to Clear Creek #1
Author:  Kit Morgan
Romance Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Modern Western Romance
Publication Date:  July 31, 2020
Star Rating:  4.5

Love and Secrets begins the Love Comes to Clear Creek series, bringing the Clear Creek world into the Contemporary Romance/Modern Western Romance time period and out of the Western Historical Romance where most of the connecting Clear Creek series takes place.  I have long loved anything and everything about the Clear Creek stories, characters, and their various shenanigans.  To have that same location come into modern times is pure joy, and I am officially hooked, even if there is only one book at this point to enjoy.

Once upon a time, back in high school, Holly and Zane were sweethearts – but Zane made the choice of college and the big city.  Holly stayed in Clear Creek and forged her own path believing she’d never see Zane again.  Now he’s back and everything she thought she felt about this man is changing.

Zane’s “secret” is a bit complicated, and frankly, some things just didn’t add up to me – but it’s fiction so I go along with what I’m told.  Aside from that one detail (which maybe I’m just nit-picking), I loved being back in a town that changed, and yet some things remain the same.  I’ll definitely be on the watch now for more stories in the modern-day Clear Creek world.

I own a Kindle edition of Love and Secrets.


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