Making Room for the Rancher by Christy Jeffries

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Finding love is the easy part…

To Dahlia King, Connor Remington is just another wannabe cowboy who’ll go back to the city by midwinter.

Yet underneath that city-slicker shine is a dedicated horseman who’s already won the heart of Dahlia’s animal-loving little daughter. Before she knows it, Dahlia is one-third of a happy trio.

But when her ex returns, Connor must decide to step up with this family…or step out.

Titles in the Twin Kings Ranch series include –What Happens At The Ranch… Making Room for the Rancher – Not Their First Rodeo –




Title:  Making Room for the Rancher
Series:  Twin Kings Ranch #2
Author:  Christy Jeffries
Genre:  Modern Western Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  March 1, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s time to return to the Twin Kings Ranch series for the second title, Making Room for the Rancher – and this one is going to steal your heart almost from the opening pages… or maybe one precocious, talkative, lively, inquisitive, precious little 5-year-old girl will be the one you fall for first, I know I did.

Dahlia is a single mom, a bar owner, and one of the infamous King family members — it’s the “King” name that has Dahlia holding back on her attraction to the new rancher in town, and doubting that they’ll ever be more than friends with occasional benefits that will most likely fade into the distance.  Dahlia isn’t the most trusting soul around, she has reasons for that distrust of strangers or even those she’s known her entire life… but she doesn’t know Connor just yet and she’s going to be in for quite the surprise when she finally lets him into her world.

Connor has inherited a ranch from his great aunt, a now rundown, non-working ranch to be exact.  But this ex-military man doesn’t know the meaning of giving up and he’s determined to turn this ranch around with the help of one horse and a bunch of critters he’s not quite certain how he acquired.  Oh, he knows but he’s still not quite sure how one little girl, granted a cute, talkative, never take no for an answer little tyke made certain that his ranch now has at least one dog, and… a cranky turkey in addition to that stud horse to keep him company.  One cute little stray pup will bring Dahlia, Amelia, and Connor together to begin a journey that may end in a happy ending for them all – but first Connor has to get past Dahlia’s mistrust of any male within sight.

I had such a good time with Making Room for the Rancher.  Actually, I spent most of it chuckling at Amelia’s antics and the adult’s reactions to her constant questions and acceptance that everyone would agree with her logic.  I loved watching Connor surprise Dahlia in the most unexpected ways as he slowly lets her into his world.  There are no grandstanding secrets, simply assumptions by Dahlia that I kept chuckling over each and every time Connor called her bluff on what he could or couldn’t possibly know about ranching or horses.

I especially appreciated seeing the co-parenting of Amelia set in such a realistic and friendly fashion vs what was happening with another family we meet in this story.  It is possible to be friendly with an ex, to each have a parent’s role in their child’s life without tearing each other apart… it was simply refreshing and enjoyable to see that portrayed in this romance.

We’ll meet up again with the extended King family members, perhaps get a few hints about future stories, and wonder about a few other hints dropped here and there.  In all, I had a blast back in the Twin Kings Ranch world with a likable, believable couple, one precious little girl, and a complex family that at their core loves each other, warts and all.  If you love a really good romance that will have you chuckling throughout while rooting for the couple to find their way to each other soon… then this is the story for you.

I own a Kindle edition of Making Room for the Rancher.

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