Meant to Be by Lori Foster

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Everyone deserves a second chance at new beginnings 

When Cory Creed was just a little girl, she knew she’d grow up to marry Austin Winston—and she made the mistake of telling him so.

Tired of watching him avoid her ever since, Cory has decided it’s time to leave Visitation, North Carolina, and Austin, behind.

But Austin has finally realized what Cory was once so sure of, and now it’s his turn to prove they belong together . . . with a little help from their mothers.

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Previously Published in Anthology

Title:  Meant to Be
Series:  Visitation, North Carolina (novella)
Author:  Lori Foster
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published:  April 25, 2023
My Rating:  5


Meant to Be, part of the Visitation, North Carolina series, is now out in its own novella.  It had been published in the In Bloom anthology in 2022.  I had reviewed it for that anthology, but since it’s now out in its own novella, well, I couldn’t resist bringing this amazing story to your attention once again.  If you missed it the first time around, then now’s your chance for the final visit to an amazing, very special small town.  Below is the review I did last year; I’ve only changed a few words.  I don’t often go back to do a review from an anthology separately, but for Cory and the Visitation crew, well, I’ll make an exception.

You see, I’ve been waiting years for Cory and Austin to grow up, come into their own as adults, and fulfill that prediction of Cory’s from when they were younger – that one day Austin and she would be married.  Austin has spent years seemingly avoiding Cory, even if he’s always kept her within sight.  And now Cory is giving up and blocking not only Austin but most others in her life as well.  Cory, like her father, Jamie, is unique in her ability to see bits of the future and she’s always known with a sure heart that she and Austin were meant to be together.  Yet after being avoided for years, and not seeing any progress of that future she once saw and mistakenly told Austin about, well, Cory is ready to leave Visitation and head out into the world since the situation with Austin seems so hopeless at this point.  And, maybe that is exactly what he needs to be shaken up a bit, to realize that the girl that once was so certain about their future grew into a woman who will not wait around any longer for him to wake up and really see her as part of his future.

I loved seeing Austin so rattled, hurt for Cory as she gave up on the love of her life, and was so glad to see one man open his eyes to what has always been right in front of him… the love of his life.  Now it’s up to Austin to prove to Cory that he’s stopped hiding his feelings, that he can envision their future, and specifically that he loves her just as much as she loves him… abilities and all.

We’ll only run into Jamie and Faith – Joe and Luna – from the Visitation, North Carolina series but as they are the respective parents of this couple, it’s fitting.  Neither Faith nor Luna is the biological mother of either Cory or Austin; both women have taken in a child for various reasons, loved them with their whole being, and couldn’t be more of a mother to them if they had in fact given birth.  I loved seeing Cory and Austin, as well as Clay and Willow once again as adults ready to set out on their own adventures but never leaving family far behind.

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