Montana Dreams by Anna J. Stewart

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Can a single dad and a business whiz…

Find the right connection?

Swapping Silicon Valley for a Montana ranch isn’t Peyton Harrison’s choice. Nor is bringing along a bodyguard. But until threats subside at Peyton’s tech company, Matteo Rossi intends to watch over her while also reconnecting with his young son.

Peyton’s instant bond with little Gino is making her rethink her path—and her feelings for Matteo. Is a new dream unfolding under Montana’s endless sky?

Titles in The Blackwell Sisters series include –Montana Welcome by Melinda Curtis – Montana Wishes by Amy Vastine – Montana Dreams by Anna J. Stewart –  Montana Match by Carol Ross – Montana Wedding by Cari Lynn Webb

*this series, ‘The Blackwell Sisters‘ is either a spin-off or another in this particular world – depends on how you look at it.  🙂  Either way, it is connected to another series.

Here are the titles in the Return of the Blackwell Brothers multi-author series –   The Rancher’s Twins by Carol Ross – The Rancher’s Rescue by Cari Lynn Webb – The Rancher’s Redemption by Melinda Curtis – The Rancher’s Fake Fiancee by Amy Vastine – The Rancher’s Homecoming by Anna J. Stewart (the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series was reviewed on my Keeper Bookshelf blog – you can find these reviews there if you wish)

Title:  Montana Dreams
Series:  The Blackwell Sisters #3
Author:  Anna J. Stewart
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  October 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Heartwarming
My Rating:  4 stars

Montana Dreams is the third title in The Blackwell Sisters series, and delivers an interesting romance between what on the surface appears to be complete opposites – but what is in their hearts, when they finally acknowledge it, is priceless.

Peyton is career-driven, she has little time for personal relationships of the romantic kind so she’s turned to a professional match-maker to cut down on time and fuss.  This decision isn’t based on a personal need but the professional impression that she won’t further her career where she is without that solid commitment in her personal life.  (not something I’d agree to for my personal life should be far, far removed from my professional but some companies are like that, unfortunately)

Also, Peyton has been receiving threats, ones that the company she works for is taking seriously – which is how Matteo, her bodyguard, came into her life.  Matteo is facing his own personal challenges, namely an ex-wife who is as selfish as the day is long, and an adorable little boy who just wants to be with his Daddy.  Toss these three together, along with Big E’s shenanigans and you have a recipe for either disaster or the perfect match for them all.  Only time and some people’s stubbornness will tell the final tale on this one.

I enjoyed Montana Dreams, little Gino stole my heart, at times I wanted to either smack Peyton or Matteo upside the head Gibbs style or sit them down for a very stern talking to.  I don’t know what is it about the Blackwell women (sisters) though – I’m not falling in love with the heroines of this series as I expected to with the exception of Lily, I understood her personality far better.  I liked Peyton, once she shed her attitude and I felt that Matteo was a good match for her – I simply wish I could have loved them, but their story was full of tensions, some danger, lots of stubbornness, and an eventual happy ending for all… so I guess I’m content with that.

I own a Kindle edition of Montana Dreams.

Available in paperback or your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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