New Romances Added to that TBR

Although my love for any book produced by Harlequin is well documented through reviews here at Happily Ever After Romance — there are other amazing romances “out there” as well… and I don’t forget that.  But it’s not fair to put those titles that I’ve purchased recently (like this month) on the TBR page or the Harlequin page, they just don’t fit there.

So.  Another page that might just be for my own benefit to keep reading the recent as well as the older books I have on my trusty Kindle… and if you get some ideas, then it was a win-win for us both!  Some are series, those I’ve listed in a series format so I’ll know what I still need to find or watch for. 🙂

Bold type (I own need to read) — Bold with link (review here at HEAR) — Usual type (yet to come in the series)

Beachcomber Inn by Melody Grace

*part of the long series with connecting series within – Sweetbriar Cove

  1. Forever Summer (15)
  2. Simply Irresistible (16) (July 2021)
  3. From This Moment (17) (Dec 2021) –

Cascadia by Mia Malone (MC)

  1. Holding On (March 2021)
  2. Starting Over (June 2021)

The Steeles at Silver Island by Melissa Foster

  1. Tempted by Love: Jack “Jock” Steele (September 2020)
  2.  My True Love: Jules Steele (March 2021)
  3.  Caught by Love: Archer Steele (February 2022)

Parker Ranches, Inc. by Maddie James

  1. The Rancher’s Second Chance (December 2020)
  2. Callie: Rock Creek Ranch (2014)
  3. Parker: Rock Creek Ranch (2015)
  4. Corporate Cowboy: Branded Filly Ranch (2015)
  5. Protecting Sarah: Branded Filly Ranch (2018)
  6. Jake’s Temptation: Remington Ranch (2018)
  7. Ethan: Black Sheep Cowboy: Sweet Grass Ranch (2021)
  8. Love Letters from Noah: Rock Creek Ranch (Nov. 2021)

The titles below this divider were “Starter” books for series, some free or at a reduced price to “try out” the series.  Most readers that I know have a lot of these types of books on their Kindles (or other e-readers) that they’ll get to “someday”.  *sigh*  That’s the trouble, isn’t it?  Never enough time to read everything on our TBR lists!  Anyway.  These were added at the end of December 2021 and I’m hoping it won’t take forever to get to them.  I’m not going to list the entire series because I honestly do not know if I’ll read the whole series beyond these books — that information can be added later.

Three Rivers Ranch Romance by Liz Isaacson

#9 Christmas in Three Rivers (Christmas free/gift which I already own)

#14 The Sleigh on Seventeenth Street (a Christmas gift/free book)

Grape Seed Falls by Liz Isaacson

#7 Cheering On the Cowboy (a Christmas gift/free book)

Horseshoe Home Ranch by Liz Isaacson

#7 Christmas at the Ranch (a Christmas gift/free book)

Last Chance Ranch by Liz Isaacson

#6 Last Chance Christmas (a Christmas gift/free book)