Nine Months to Claim Her by Natalie Anderson

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Claiming his one-night heirs…

Will take a nine-month negotiation!

Mistaken for a security guard by an alluring waitress, CEO Leo Castle revels in their stolen moments together. When they’re alone he’s responsible for just one thing: her unadulterated pleasure! Only later, when their paths collide in the boardroom, does Leo discover she’s reluctant socialite Rosanna Gold. And carrying his twins!

Sheltered Rosanna refuses Leo’s demand that they marry. She won’t wed a man who sees her as an obligation. But his strategy to prove otherwise is one of seduction—and Rosanna knows intimately how powerful that can be…

Titles in the Rebels, Brothers, Billionaires series (duet) include — Stranded for One Scandalous Week – Nine Months to Claim Her

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.


Title:  Nine Months to Claim Her
Series:  Rebels, Brothers, Billionaires #2
Author:  Natalie Anderson
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  June 29, 2021
Rating:  4 stars

Nine Months to Claim Her, the second title in the Rebels, Brothers, Billionaires duet, delivers an emotionally packed story when two strangers meet and each step outside of their comfort zone allowing their true reactions to each other to be seen with no fear of reprisals for who they really are.

We had Ash’s romance in Stranded for One Scandalous Week, now it’s his half-brother Leo’s turn to find unexpected love and happiness with Rosanna.

Leo is driven to be successful in a way that overshadows everything else in his life.  His relationship or his non-relationship with his father has driven his life goals since he was a teen.  The elder Castle never acknowledged his birth as his son and set out to destroy Leo’s mother in the attempt to deny that Leo was in fact his biological son.  This caused Leo to put everything into taking over his father’s holdings, to be wealthier, more successful, and more ruthless than the man who sired him.  Those goals have been accomplished but with a bittersweet result – Leo trusts no one, except at times his half-brother, Ash.  He is a man who must be in control, driven to continue to beat the demons of his past that even now will not allow him to sit back and enjoy the life he’s built from the traumatic childhood he experienced through his father’s actions.  Until one night…

Rosanna has never been good enough for her status climbing parents.  Her red hair, her freckles, her usual grades in school, and especially the curvature of the spine that had to be surgically corrected – and even then they were not satisfied with their daughter.  Her trauma comes from being unseen, from being used to drive more clients to her parents’ business through the social contacts she was supposed to make at the accelerated, prestigious school she was sent to for networking.  She was never enough, she knew it as did her parents to this very day.  She toed the line, didn’t upset the parents, and tried to find her own place in the world through her own interests, mildly rebellious as they were.  This night she’s stepped in once again for her parents to attend an opening with a company that they have been blacklisted from for very good reasons although unknown to Rosanna.  She’s uncomfortable, still unseen until she spots a lush garden terrace at the building and thinking it is also an apartment on display ventures upstairs to hide and relax.  Until one man would completely change her world that night.

I enjoyed Leo and Rose so much in Nine Months to Claim Her.  If there were times when Rose’s stubbornness annoyed me, I quickly remembered how she was brought up.  If Leo’s stubborn single-mindedness blinded him to what he was actually feeling, I understood why.  And watching them work through those issues, although with tears and anger at times, was such an emotionally charged experience.  I loathed both Rosanna’s parents and Leo’s father so much… and although there was a slight redemption for Rosanna’s parents it didn’t feel like enough considering what they’d put her through over the years.  Characters are often more forgiving than I’d ever have been.  In all, I had a very good time with this couple and would not hesitate to recommend both Nine Months to Claim Her or Stranded for One Scandalous Week to any reader who enjoys emotionally charged, passion-filled, love wins in the end types of romances.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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