One Night with the Maverick by Melissa Senate

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“Maybe we could just have tonight.”

Everyone thinks Shari Lormand and veterinarian Felix Sanchez are a couple.

Unfortunately, the guarded widower has made it abundantly clear all he’s looking for is a buddy.

Shari is afraid she’s hurtling toward another heartbreak.

But with a little help from town psychic Winona Cobbs, Felix’s uncle Stanley and a foster kitty named Page, she and Felix just might have a shot after all…

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This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  One Night with the Maverick
Series:  Montana Mavericks: Brothers & Broncos #3
Author:  Melissa Senate
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  August 23, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Special Edition
My Rating:  4.5 stars

One Night with the Maverick is the third title in the multi-author series Montana Mavericks: Brothers & Broncos, and this one grabbed my emotions hard from the start.

Sometimes, people have a difficult time moving on from their past, even if it’s a past that they could not have changed.  That’s where Felix is.  Love isn’t going to be part of his life again, that’s too risky for him these days.  Friendship?  That he can handle… except when friendship turns into more and he handles that transition rather ungracefully.  Shari isn’t looking to head into heartache ever again.  Sure, she’d love to be in love, find a life-mate but there’s only one man that she might take a risk on… and all he wants is friendship.

I loved watching this couple grapple with their emotions, both the discovery of them and the figuring out what to do about those pesky emotions.  I could see each point of view but the reality is that any kind of love involves some risks, and some folks are worth that risk if we’ll only take that first step.  And for some people, acknowledging love is the hardest step of all.

There’s a reason why I love and completely enjoy secondary characters like our resident psychic Winona or Uncle Stanley.  They add another dimension to the story, make it more realistic, more believable… and oftentimes add just the right dose of humor or advice when it’s needed most.

I had such a good time with One Night with the Maverick, it’s a lovely romance, well-written, with believable characters who aren’t the most trusting in the world but have come to trust each other in friendship, and that’s a good place to start a lifetime together.  If you love a good romance that will have you in tears and laughter, if town residents and their shenanigans leave you smiling or if watching two good people take a risk on each other is your idea of romance… then this one is perfect for you.

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