Recipe for Redemption by Anna J. Stewart

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From the frying pan…

Abby Manning has to take home first prize in an amateur cooking competition to save her town’s landmark inn-and longtime home for her ailing grandmother. Too bad the Butterfly Harbor innkeeper is a complete disaster in the kitchen. Undeterred, Abby asks her latest guest to teach her the basics.

A family tragedy and ensuing scandal derailed Jason Corwin’s high-profile career. But is the gifted celebrity chef going to let one mistake define the rest of his life?

Add in a generous helping of mutual attraction and another burgeoning scandal, and it could be a recipe for star-crossed romance…or disaster, especially if a win for Abby costs Jason his professional future.

Titles in the Butterfly Harbor series include – The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor – Recipe for Redemption – A Dad for Charlie – Always the Hero – Holiday Kisses – Safe in His Arms – The Firefighter’s Thanksgiving Wish – A Match Made Perfect – Bride on the Run – Building a Surprise Family  – Worth the Risk – The Mayor’s Baby Surprise –

Title:  Recipe for Redemption
Series:  Butterfly Harbor #2
Author:  Anna J. Stewart
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  June 1, 2016
Rating:  4.5 stars

Recipe for Redemption continues the Butterfly Harbor series with an unlikely romance between a woman who sets off smoke alarms just looking at the inn’s oven, and a famous chef who made a mistake, a huge mistake that cost him so much personally and professionally.  One who has no talent or confidence in their cooking abilities, one who has the knowledge, the talent yet is taking a frightening second chance doing what he loves most far, far from his past.  I adored Jason and Abby so much, and I can’t remember the last time I snort-giggled this much in one story.

When Abby takes over the daily running of the inn she’ll discover that the trouble she thought they were in runs far deeper than she’d ever expected.  The only way she can see out of this mess is by entering a cooking contest that is offering a very large winner’s prize.  Enough to save the inn, and secure her grandmother’s future.  There’s just one teeny, tiny problem – Abby can’t boil water without setting off alarms and the sprinkler system let alone cook up the winning prize… but when did details ever stop Abby from something that needs to be done?

Jason has left New York after a disaster of a decision that cost him just about everything.  He’s in Butterfly Harbor with an idea to take back his life, but he never expected Abby… or to be pulled into her unbelievable need to win a cooking contest with a very popular cooking show.  A show that Jason has a history with.

The Butterfly Harbor series is a community-rich series, and we’ll not only run into the main characters from The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor but all of the residents we met before, and even more now.  This small town thrives on the interactions of the residents, most are friends or at least friendly with the other residents.  Sure, there are those who simply have to do bad things, make wrong choices but for the most part, this town sticks up for its own and that is so clear as Abby begins her quest to win that prize money.  Simon and Charlie are up to their usual shenanigans, and friends are supportive if uncertain of Abby’s success.  Add Jason’s past into the mix, some annoyances from the new mayor, and some new challenges for this small town – then you’ll find a really good, believable, realistic romance with small-town touches galore.  I had a blast back in this world, so consider me hooked for life in Butterfly Harbor for as long as there are books about it – then I’ll just re-read them again.  Yeah, it’s that good.

I own a Kindle edition of Recipe for Redemption.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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