Reckless Curves by Bronwen Evans

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Thomas (Tom) Lorde’s morning couldn’t get any worse. One call changes everything. Apparently he’s a dad. He should be on the phone with his lawyer. He wouldn’t put it past a woman—any woman—to lie to get at his hard-earned money. His mother trapped his father into marriage and then left them both for deeper pockets. But when the news is delivered from between the sweet lips of Kendra Black, his best friend’s out of bounds little sister, and his one major ‘fucking’ mistake, he knows he’s screwed and that she’s not lying.

Kendra Black knew contacting Tom would be a mistake. Three years ago, he’d made it very clear he had no feelings for her. He slept with her and then flew to Europe without a backward glance. However, he left more than a broken heart behind. He might not want her, but now that’s he’s back in California, her son, their son, Connor (Con) Black, deserves to know his father. What she hadn’t expected was Tom’s old-fashioned lap of honor. He wants to marry her. Why couldn’t he simply be a weekend dad like her father? She can’t deny the physical attraction is still there. He might be okay with a marriage based on hot, raw, animalistic sex and only sex, but she wants more. She deserves a man who loves her and she refuses to wave the checkered flag until he gives her his heart.

Series- Drive Me Wild = #1 Reckless Curves – #2 Purr For Me

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Reckless Curves
Series:  Drive Me Wild #1
Author:  Bronwen Evans
Romance Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  March 30, 2020
Star Rating:  4

Reckless Curves begins the Drive Me Wild series with a combination second chance romance with that bro code of a best friend’s sister.  There is plenty of heat, sexy times, and rough language in Tom and Kendra’s story, so if that bothers you this one might not be for you – that decision is yours alone to make.  I was easily hooked with the raw emotions that were felt throughout this story.  Trust is a huge issue for them both, believing himself worthy of finding love is an issue for Tom.

Kendra had beaten leukemia as a young child, now years in remission, hopefully for more years to come, she’s now old enough to have a huge crush on her brother’s best friend and business partner.  Getting Tom to see her as someone to date or even think about being serious with is an ongoing battle due to that silly bro code.  (which to this day boggles my mind)

One night of letting good intentions fly out the window will result in one wee baby on the way, with Tom now out of the country working with Marcus on the racing circuit.  Years will pass, events will happen to Kendra that leaves her in a far different situation than when Tom left with no contact since that fateful night.

Now, Tom and Marcus are back on US soil, building their business ‘Bad Boys Auto’ together… and it’s time he knew the truth about that one night.  Only Kendra didn’t expect his response, and Tom never realized just how much this woman meant to him.  Their marriage might be off the charts hot and sexy, but without love, Kendra didn’t want any part of that idea.  It’s now up to Tom to prove himself, his love for both his son and the woman who almost slipped through his fingers.

I enjoyed the emotion and the heat of Reckless Curves very much.  It’s always a joy for me to watch two people finally get that second chance to get their love for each other right – and eventually, Tom and Kendra will.

I own a Kindle edition of Reckless Curves.


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