Romance Addiction 2023

While this website is “mostly” dedicated to my love of the many lines of Harlequin — I do, in fact, read others as well.

This page is probably more for me than for you as I’ll be tracking new or new-to-me stories purchased in 2023.  Again, my addiction to series shines through. 🙂

But if I manage to introduce you to some pretty amazing authors along the way, then it’s well worth the extra time to document the book dollars spent!

So, let’s get started with the new series I’m picking up to read in 2023.

(one thing to note about Ms. Morgan’s stories is they all connect in some fashion and you may run into familiar faces again or see a secondary character get their chance for a happy-ever-after ending)

The Cottages on Anchor Lane by Leeanna Morgan

  1. The Flower Cottage (Paris and Richard)
  2. The Starlight Café (Andrea and David)
  3. The Cozy Quilt Shop (Shona and Joseph)
  4. A Stitch in Time (Jackie and Aidan)