Ashley, Kristen

Kristen Ashley writes some amazing stories.  In fact, my second favorite hero (sorry, no one tops Roarke – as in Eve & Roarke from J.D. Robb) is Tack from Motorcycle Man.  Any man who can be as badass, sexy, and MC as that guy and still show a tender side wins my heart forever… well, tender in a Tack kind of way.  *grin*

She writes from the heart, and her characters are realistic and believable (yes, even the ones with a Paranormal feel to them).  Writing in several genres also gives us readers the chance to jump into different worlds, time periods, and even different dimensions.  While I do not love every style that she writes, I have yet to find a story that I didn’t at least enjoy.  And that’s saying something if an author can make me enjoy a genre that I wouldn’t normally touch but will try because, well, it’s Kristen Ashley!

Her official website can be found at  Kristen Ashley.   I would strongly suggest spending some time wandering around her website.  There are hidden gems all over the place, plus some bonus short stories from several of her series.

Rock Chick

  Rock Chick –  #1  (Indy & Lee)

  Rock Chick Rescue –  #2  (Jet & Eddie)

  Rock Chick Redemption – #3  (Roxie & Hank)

  Rock Chick Renegade – #4  (Jules & Vance)

  Rock Chick Revenge – #5   (Ava & Luke)

  Rock Chick Reckoning – #6  (Stella & Mace)

  Rock Chick Regret – #7  (Sadie & Hector)

  Rock Chick Revolution –  #8 (Ally & Ren)

  Rock Chick Reawakening  – #9 (Daisy & Marcus) (1001 Dark Nights)

  Rock Chick Reborn – #10 (Shirleen & Moses)

There are three (3) bonus short, short stories on Ms. Ashley’s website that tie into, and give just a touch more of the Rock Chick world – I’d highly recommend checking them out at this link: Rock Chicks Series

Rock Chicks slides into its spinoff:

Dream Man

  Mystery Man –  #1 (Hawk & Gwen)

  Wild Man –  #2 (Tessa & Brock)

  Law Man – #3 (Mara & Mitch)

  Motorcycle Man – #4 (Tack & Tyra)

  Quiet Man – #5 (Mo & Lottie)

Dream Man slides into its spinoff:


Own The Wind – #1 (Tabitha “Tabby” & Parker “Shy”)

Fire Inside – #2 (Lanie & “Hop”)

Ride Steady – #3 (Carissa & “Joker)

Walk Through Fire – #4 (Millie & “High”)

Rough Ride (1001 Dark Nights) – #5 (Rosie & “Snapper”)

Wild Like the Wind – #6 (Keely & “Hound”)

Free – #7 (Rebel & “Rush”)

Wild Fire – standalone within the Chaos world – (Dutch)

Wild Wind – standalone within the Chaos world – (Jagger)

There are bonus stories for this world on Ms. Ashley’s website, those “hidden gems”.  Here’s a link to the page those links are on —  Chaos Bonus Material.  And I would highly recommend checking them out for they are a needed part of the whole that is “Chaos MC

It would be so easy to continue on with all of Kristen Ashley’s booklist… but I’m going to stop right here with my absolute favorites.  I would encourage you to go look over Ms. Ashley’s website, and take a peek at her other works – I’m betting that you’d find a whole lot to get lost in there.