Bennett, Jules

If you love small-town romances, then you should already be a dedicated reader of Jules Bennett.  I love getting lost in her worlds, which happens quite often.  🙂

Official Website:  Jules Bennett  — or you could check out and put her name into the search bar to bring up a listing of her Harlequin books.  Her official website is probably your best bet if you enjoy wandering and discovering hidden gems (which I do).

This is by far not a complete book list since her titles go back very far.  I’ll be adding as much as I can fit, but your best bet for a complete book list is to visit her official website (link above), in my opinion.

Series & Continuity Lines

Dynasties: Willowvale

A Bet Between Friends (#2)   -2023

Their White-Hot Christmas (4)   -2023

Business & Babies

Friends…with Consequences (#1)   -2023

One Stormy Night (#2)   -2023

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Ranchers and Rivals

One Christmas Night  (#8)   -2022

Angel’s Share

When the Lights Go Out…  (#1)   -2022

Second Chance Vows  (#2)   -2022

Snowed In Secrets  (#3)   -2022

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Fathers and Sons

From Feuding to Falling  (#4)   -2022

Dynasties: Beaumont Bay

Twin Games in Music City  (#1)   -2021

Fake Engagement, Nashville Style  (#3)   -2021

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Rags to Riches

Tempted by the Boss  (#7)  -2021Lockwood Lightning

An Unexpected Scandal  (#1)   -2020

Scandalous Reunion  (#2)   -2020

Scandalous Engagement  (#3)   -2020

 Dynasties: Seven Sins

Hidden Ambition  (#4)   -2020Texas Cattleman’s Club: Inheritance

From Boardroom to Bedroom  (#3)   -2020 Texas Cattleman’s Club: Houston

Married in Name Only  (#5)   -2019Return to Stonerock

The Cowboy’s Second-Chance Family  (#1)   -2017

From Best Friend to Daddy  (#2)   -2018

For Their Child’s Sake  (#3)   -2019Texas Cattleman’s Club: Bachelor Auction

Most Eligible Texan  (#2)   -2018

I’ll be updating this page as new titles are announced.  If you want a more in-depth list, then honestly your best bet is either Jules Bennett’s official website or doing an author’s name search over at Harlequin.