Rules in Blackmail by Nichole Severn

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Blackhawk Security Elite Protection Services—

Their business is your safety

But not hers.

Former SEAL Sullivan Bishop refuses to work for Jane Reise. The JAG Corps prosecutor is hardcore—and he never stopped blaming her for his brother’s death.

But Blackhawk is Jane’s only hope in fending off a frightening stalker, and she’ll blackmail Sullivan to get it. Forced into her service, he soon realizes he was wrong about Jane. As bullets fly, Sullivan knows he’ll risk his life—and heart—to save her.

Series – Blackhawk Security = #1 Rules in Blackmail – #2 Rules in Rescue – #3 Rules in Deceit – #4 Rules in Defiance – #5 Caught in the Crossfire

Title:  Rules in Blackmail
Series:  Blackhawk Security #1
Author:  Nichole Severn
Romance Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  July 1, 2018
Star Rating:  4.5

Rules in Blackmail begins the Blackhawk Security series with an intense, dangerous romance.  Jane’s life is on the line, and Sullivan is the only person she trusts to protect her and stop the stalker, bringing them to justice for their actions.  Yet.  Sullivan is not her biggest fan as he blames the JAG prosecutor for bringing charges against his brother, but especially for his brother’s death by suicide because of the ruling in that case.

There is no way in hell he’s going to help Jane now.  Unless… she blackmails him into it.

It won’t take long for Sullivan to begin to see Jane in a different light.  Bullets flying in your direction and the woman saving your butt (several times) will make a man think twice about a strongly held opinion.  But what is yet to come at them will be a stunning blow.

I am now hooked on the Blackhawk Security series.  Rules in Blackmail pulled me in, introduced me to a lot of intriguing, interesting secondary characters that I want to know more about, to read their individual stories.  This is a perfect example of why I go back to the beginning of a series when a later book intrigues me, tempts me to skip ahead (which is how I discovered this series).  The groundwork laid in the earlier stories only adds to the depth that the later books will draw me in (or not).  So, for me, starting at the beginning, even if it’s been years since the release of the first book, is my style of reading.

There are unanswered questions in Rules in Blackmail, ones that I overlooked when I 4.5 star rated this title.  Because I think exactly how Jane got into the secured property, right into Sullivan’s office will be a running joke among Sullivan’s men for some time to come (meaning in future stories) so I’m okay with that one.  The other ones I believe will be answered at some point in the series, so I can wait for them.  I cannot just toss aside a good story because all of the questions weren’t answered at first, especially when those questions become part of an arc throughout the series.  (Some people can – but I can’t)

I don’t intend to say much more about the plot.  I try not to give away spoilers, but I’m especially careful in stories with a mystery involved.  I loved the interaction between Sullivan and Jane.  Their conflict felt real, even when I didn’t agree with some actions that were taken.  Also, their attraction felt real and was being fought against until Sullivan allowed himself to view Jane differently.  The secondary characters (Sullivan’s men) brought this story to life for me and made it an intriguing, funny at times, intense journey to discover the truth.  The ending is stunning, and that’s all I’m going to say on that.

I enjoyed my time in this world – and since I’ve already bought the entire series (so far) I’ll be diving back in the Blackhawk Security stories soon.

I own a Kindle edition of Rules in Blackmail.



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