Safe in His Arms by Anna J. Stewart

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Cover of Safe in His ArmsShe’s pushed everyone away…

…but is he her forever?

Ex-soldier Kendall craves solitude after a heartbreaking accident, and she finds it in the small town of Butterfly Harbor.

That’s until handsome writer Hunter MacBride moves into town with his orphaned niece, Phoebe.

Their arrival triggers painful memories for Kendall of the family and life she lost—but Hunter also shows her the promise of a life she could still have if she’s prepared to take the risk…

Titles in the Butterfly Harbor series include – The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor – Recipe for Redemption – A Dad for Charlie – Always the Hero – Holiday Kisses – Safe in His Arms – The Firefighter’s Thanksgiving Wish – A Match Made Perfect – Bride on the Run – Building a Surprise Family  – Worth the Risk – The Mayor’s Baby Surprise –


Title:  Safe in His Arms
Series:  Butterfly Harbor #6
Author:  Anna J. Stewart
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  September 1, 2019
Rating:  4.5 stars

I had thought that I’d experienced the widest range of emotions in the Butterfly Harbor series, until I read the sixth title, Safe in His Arms.  Kendall’s story broke my heart, she’s in such a dark place, so full of anger, sadness, grief, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt when we first meet her.  Hunter and his niece, Phoebe, will eventually help Kendall heal along with their own heartaches… but it’s not going to be an easy road for any of them.

Hunter is a photojournalist and has been invited to Butterfly Harbor to write about the historic lighthouse, which is in a bit of disarray at the moment, but it is slowly being brought back to life by Kendall through her amazing talent for carpentry and jill-of-all-trades abilities.  His niece, Phoebe recently lost her parents in a car accident and her grandparents are putting a lot of pressure on Hunter for custody of Phoebe.  Hunter is doing the best he can, and he and Phoebe are a united team but he has doubts as any new parent would have.  This time in Butterfly Harbor would be good for them both, a place to settle for a bit as they deal with Phoebe’s issues (which you should learn about firsthand).

I am never afraid to say that a book made me cry, and Safe in His Arms certainly did that.  But it’s also a story full of hope and possibilities… and even healing, eventually.  I find myself not wanting to say too much about the storyline because for the emotional impact of this story I truly believe it needs to be experienced by each individual reader.  There is pain here, there is also a town full of residents who will come to the aid of Kendall, Hunter, and Phoebe in so many ways… and the magic of the butterflies plays a huge part in that healing.  I enjoyed this one so much and is one of my favorites from this series.  If you love a romance that feels like real life, one that moves you, makes you feel all the emotions while knowing that a happy ending will come for everyone eventually… then this story, this series would be a perfect fit for you.

I own a Kindle edition of Safe in His Arms.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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