Safeguarding the Surrogate by Delores Fossen

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She’d brought him his greatest joy.

Now he must save her life…

Rancher Kara Holland’s hot on the trail of a murderer who’s been killing surrogates—like she was for her ill sister.

But when Kara’s trap goes terribly wrong, she’s thrust headlong into the killer’s crosshairs…along with her sister’s widower, Deputy Daniel Logan.

And as she and Daniel stay one frantic step ahead of a deadly foe, the sparks igniting between them rival the danger they face.

Titles in the Mercy Ridge Lawmen series include — Her Child to ProtectSafeguarding the Surrogate – Targeting the Deputy – Pursued by the Sherrif –

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.



Title:  Safeguarding the Surrogate
Series:  Mercy Ridge Lawmen #2
Author:  Delores Fossen
Genre:  Crime/Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  June 29, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

Safeguarding the Surrogate is the second title in the Mercy Ridge Lawmen series, and the action starts as soon as the first page is opened.  Kara had been the surrogate for her now-deceased sister and her brother-in-law, it was her joy to be able to give that precious gift of a child to two people she loved.  But there have been surrogates from the agency they used who have been murdered in cold blood and Kara is convinced that she is also on that killer’s list.  Being the strong, stubborn woman that she is, Kara isn’t about to sit around and let herself get killed… so she’s set a trap for the killer, maybe not the best one in the world or well-thought-out even but she had to do something.  Oh, she caught something… her brother-in-law who will deliver another scolding to convince her to let him, the lawman, take care of tracking a killer.  Only… someone has left a dead body in Kara’s ranch house, a message beyond the killing of another surrogate that her time will soon come.

I was quickly caught up in Safeguarding the Surrogate and that sense of tension and answers just around the next corner never left me.  Although Daniel and Kara once had a far different relationship, as they acknowledged the feelings between them and the danger to their lives it was so easy to see this couple together.  It felt as though they were honoring the memory of Maryanne even as they allowed themselves to fall in love and create a new family that included the precious baby that Kara’s sister never got the chance to hold.

Although Daniel’s and Kara’s story felt like a quick one it is certainly packed with danger, mystery, suspects, and surprises throughout.  There are enough suspects that we’ll have a red herring or a sudden twist tossed our way before we find out who the killer really is.  I enjoyed this one very much.  Well, this author is an auto-buy for me so I expect to be pulled into a story and not let go until the final page.  If you love putting together puzzle pieces, if another chance for love to bloom is why you love romance, or you simply enjoy a darned good mystery with a love story included… then you’ll love this story and should check out the Mercy Ridge Lawmen series for even more romantic suspense moments.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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