Safety Breach by Delores Fossen

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Can a Texas lawman capture an escaped serial killer after a witness’s location is breached?

The serial killer Gemma Hanson narrowly escaped just discovered her WITSEC location, and he’s coming after her to finish what he started. That’s the message Sheriff Kellan Slater personally delivers.

Although Gemma and Kellan share an intense past, escaping the violence surrounding them is all that matters. Especially once Gemma realizes there is no safe place—not even protective custody… 

Series – Longview Ridge Ranch = #1 Safety Breach – #2 A Threat to His Family – #3 Settling An Old Score – #4 His Brand of Justice

Title:  Safety Breach
Series:  Longview Ridge Ranch #1
Author:  Delores Fossen
Romance Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  December 1, 2019
Star Rating:  4

Safety Breach begins the Longview Ridge Ranch series with an intense opening and the tensions, danger, and not knowing who to trust just ratchets up a little more with each new chapter.

Gemma has been in witness protection for more than a year now.  She’d been the target of a serial killer, one who has her in their crosshairs once again.  She and Kellan were romantically involved but when his father was killed and Gemma wounded everything changed between them… and you should discover those details on your own.

Now, Gemma is once again in danger and perhaps the last person she expected to come to her rescue was Kellan.  The attraction, the chemistry between them is still apparent and will not be denied as they get a second chance to get things right between them.  The past will have to be accepted as unchangeable and left there in the past if they are to have any future together… beyond finding the person behind the threats against them both right now.

Safety Breach was breathtakingly intense and action-packed from the first page, and it never let up as more danger is tossed in Kellan’s and Gemma’s paths.  I liked this couple, what they were going through felt realistic and believable, and the feeling of something being withheld from them is consistent.  There is one question that didn’t get a true answer and I suspect that will be a woven thread throughout the rest of the series.

In all, I had a fantastic time with Kellan and Gemma in Safety Breach and will be following the rest of this series… in fact, it would be difficult to keep me away from it now, fortunately, I have purchased the entire series so binge-reading is in my future.

I own a Kindle edition of Safety Breach.


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