Series Completed in 2022

The backbone of most of what I read turns out to be the many series that I get caught up in — whether they’re a duet of two books or a longer series of twelve.  While on this blog I do keep track of series in a roundabout way, I don’t keep track of completed series that were read within one year (not the ones that stretch over a few years with months and months in between).

So that is what this page is for.  Just a curiosity thing for me of how many series I read from start to finish within one calendar year.  I will include Harlequin Duets as a “series” for they are connected.  This experiment is going to run from January 1, 2022, until December 31, 2022.  It will be interesting to see if I read as many as I think I do or if I’m simply keeping up-to-date on longer series.

Let’s find out!

**After some thought I decided to include on this page series that I’ve read within 2022 that would fall under categories or genres that my other blogs cover as well.  I could make pages everywhere but this really is a curiosity thing for now so if I’ve finished a series within 2022 OR if a longer series has finally wrapped up in 2022 then I’ll be listing them here under the blog that they were reviewed on.** 🙂

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