Snowbound with His Forbidden Princess by Pippa Roscoe

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A winter storm…

and a white-hot reunion!

Princess Freya is dreading the dutiful task that will mean facing Kjell Bergqvist again. The hardened soldier he’s become is nothing like the man who broke her heart eight years ago.

But memories of what they once shared enflame new desires when a snowstorm leaves them stranded!

Kjell can’t forgive Freya for exiling him from his country—until they discover the truth of what really tore them apart. Without a royal title, he cannot offer Freya the future she deserves, but they have each other as long as the storm rages…

Titles in The Royals of Svardia series include —  Snowbound with His Forbidden Princess —♥— Stolen from Her Royal Wedding —♥— Claimed to Save His Crown —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Snowbound with His Forbidden Princess
Series:  The Royals of Svardia #1
Author:  Pippa Roscoe
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 29, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Presents
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Snowbound with His Forbidden Princess caught my attention from the start and never let go until the final page.  Freya’s and Kjell’s story is filled with passion and pain for this is a second chance for this couple to sort out their past and perhaps find a way, together, into their future.

There was a time during Freya’s college days, far away from the confines of the palace and her royal life, when she found true love.  Unexpectedly, yes.  Yet she was convinced that she had found the love of her life… only to discover so much of what she knew was a lie.  Unable to know where the truth ended and the lies began she broke off the relationship, but she’s never forgotten the man.  And now, thanks to her brother the king, she’s about to come face to face with her past for one last time.  Unfortunately, that also means facing the feelings of betrayal and her still deep love for Kjell.

As the opening story in The Royals of Svardia series, Snowbound with His Forbidden Princess hit me with a solid emotional punch that kept me flipping pages.  When Freya and Kjell have the chance to face what happened in their past, to see each other as they truly are, to allow those feelings to emerge even if only for a few days the passion, the emotions, the reality of this couple just explodes off of the pages.  I hurt for them both, in different ways, but while it’s obvious that they still love each other – it’s also obvious that there is some deeply felt pain that must be dealt with.

I loved how this author pulls us into the story, the layers of reasons why things happened as they did, the aloneness of being snowbound with the one you thought would be your forever love – and to have the chance to grab that forever love this time around… it was an amazing story.  Freya has decisions to make, her future is not what she had thought it would be, but can she make a new future with the man who has always had her heart?

If you love a romance with heartwrenching emotional issues at play, a couple who obviously belong together, and passionate, sizzling chemistry between them… then you’d love Frey and Kjell.  I binge-read this series (trilogy) this weekend and the experience was emotional overload as the princesses and the king of Svardia finally find their happiness.  Good, solid story, believable characters, definitely recommend.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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