Snowed In With a Colton by Lisa Childs

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He’s the target

She’s in the crosshairs

When organized crime threatens journalist Luca Rossi’s life, he assumes a fake identity. Now he’s “Luke Bishop,” keeping to himself at a dude ranch.

With a snowstorm and threats to his life closing in, proprietor Aubrey Colton needs his help. Suddenly he’s playing cowboy amid deadly conditions and fighting his feelings for her.

But can Aubrey and Luca survive their killer attraction…and the bulls-eye on their backs?

Titles in the multi-author Coltons of Colorado series include — Colton’s Pursuit of Justice by Marie Ferrarella –♥- Snowed In With a Colton by Lisa Childs –♥- Colton’s Dangerous Reunion by Justine Davis –♥- Stalking Colton’s Family by Geri Krotow –♥- Undercover Colton by Addison Fox –♥- Colton Countdown by Tara Taylor Quinn –♥- Colton’s Secret Sabotage by Deborah Fletcher Mello –♥- Colton’s Baby Motive by Lara Lacombe -♥- Colton’s Rogue Investigation by Jennifer D. Bokal -♥- Shielding the Colton’s Witness by Linda O. Johnston -♥- To Trust a Colton Cowboy by Dana Nussio -♥- Colton’s Ultimate Test by Beth Cornelison -♥-

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Snowed In With a Colton
Series:  Coltons of Colorado #2
Author:  Marie Ferrarella
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  February 22, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Snowed In With a Colton is the second title in the multi-author miniseries, Coltons of Colorado, and delivers a tense, gripping suspense-filled romance between a man on the run for his life and one very stubborn woman.

Luca is a journalist who has gotten himself on the wrong side of an organized crime group in his homeland, one very accurate piece he wrote has sealed his fate… or at least, in the eyes of the criminals.  He’s changed his name, left his home and family for their safety, and is constantly on the move trying to stay just ahead of the assassins sent to eliminate the problem he’s become.  He is currently a guest, in a distant cabin at Aubrey’s, and her twin brother, Jasper’s dude ranch, Gemini Ranch.  Unfortunately, Luke’s luck is about to run out… and betrayal from someone unexpected will not only expose him but also break his heart.

Aubrey doesn’t trust their newest guest, Luke.  There’s just something about him that kicks off her danger warnings.  It doesn’t help that she’s also dealing with an ex who doesn’t understand the meaning of “no” or ex-boyfriend.  He refuses to give up and is quickly becoming a stalker.  Aubrey and Jasper need to get their cattle to shelter with a blizzard quickly approaching the ranch, but their siblings will have difficulty getting to them in time.  Luke offers to help as he’s had experience working on another ranch.  Aubrey is skeptical but there really is no other choice.  She’ll allow herself to do something foolish when she believes Luke isn’t in his cabin when she goes searching for him.  She snoops and finds papers that she had no business reading, but that only increases her mistrust of a man who always seems to be looking over his shoulder.

I was easily caught up in the tensions and the romance of Snowed In With a Colton.  I liked Aubrey, even understood why she was so unwilling to give Luke the slightest break.  When life, or one person, beats you down and gives you good reason to not trust everyone on sight her reactions made sense.  She’ll slowly thaw towards Luke but in spite of the attraction she feels for him, she needs proof that she can trust him.  I adored Luke from the start.  He’s given up so much to expose the criminal activities of really bad men, many of whom are now in prison.  His determination to protect everyone around him, even Aubrey and Jasper, from the danger that constantly nips at his heels made him an intriguing character to me.  I loved watching them fall in love, even in the midst of the chaos surrounding them.

There is danger, action-packed moments, fighting the elements, and the humans who make up that dangerous situation in Snowed In With a Colton that kept me on my toes throughout Luke and Aubrey’s story.  There is also a sizzling attraction building between them, and of course, wouldn’t be complete without a twin’s, at times, outrageous protection.  There is occasional laughter mixed in with the tensions which helped make this story believable.  I had fun here, and if you love a good romance with touches of danger, secrets, and finding that perfect person for you… then you’ll want to pick up this story, this series soon.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

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